The BetterField

Located under a rather old block of HDB flats, lies this tiny restaurant which is founded by a rather young Chef Shaun Gian (He is not yet mid twenties, yet already completed his National Service a few years back). He has worked in a few places such as Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park before opening this place. The place is known for its reasonably priced dishes $20 and below. The place has a look of a hipster cafe with the colorful mural on the wall.

Mystery Drink ($6)
(blue sugar rim on the glass) with mixed juices, passion fruit and Blue Curaçao
The top half of the drink is green in color while the bottom half is yellow in color. It tastes quite fruity.

All Spark ($6)
Blue Curaçao, peach and lime juice, soda, popping candy
It is a blueish looking drink, which tastes like soda.

Bear on the Ledge ($6)
Blue Curaçao, elderflower, ginger ale, cranberry juice, gummy bears
It is a cute looking drink with the top half in red color and bottom half in blue, topped with 2 gummy bears on the rind of the glass. It turns purplish when stirred and kind of reminds one of grape flavour.

Elder Sista ($6)
raspberry nectar tea, elderflower
There is Elderflower in this drink which the drink is named after. It is bright in red color and gives one a feeling of cherry water.

Mystery Dish #1 – Duck fat potatoes with crispy duck, nacho cheese and truffle mayonnaise ($15)
Shredded duck, nacho cheese sauce, potato cubes fried in duck fat, topped with truffle mayonnaise
Although the shredded duck looks dry and crispy, it actually tastes moist inside. Together with the soft, shiny looking potato, cheesy nacho cheese sauce and truffle mayonnaise, the sinful dish just makes one cannot get enough of it. One even asks if she could lick the plate clean.

Ultimate Truffle Fries ($12)
golden fries, parsley, white truffle oil, black truffle paste, grade padano
It is served with truffle mayonnaise. The truffle oil smell is just a hint and not overwhelming.

Secret Thai Chili Chicken ($14.50)
8 pieces chicken, symphony of spices, coriander, thai chili sauce
Although it is consists of deep fried chicken wings, the meat is tender and tear easily from the bones. It tastes juicy and flavourful, with the sauce made with 8 different ingredients.

Pulled Duck Burger ($20)
pulled duck, charcoal bun, french fries, tangy sauce
Yummy burger but a bit difficult to eat with bare hands. Guess one needs to use the fork and knife provided.

The Black Angus Ribeye ($20/ 200grams, $35/ 400grams, $50/ 600grams)
Chilled Australian beef, whole grain truffle mustard, maldon sea salt mesclun salad
Served medium rare
The steak is juicy and well cooked. It is a steal at such a price. The chef has came up with this dish as he has problems finding a reasonable priced steak while going on dates last time.

Mystery Dish #2 – Furikake, Prawn & Chorizo ($20)
It looks like a plate of laksa in dry version from far. But it is more like a plate of pasta influenced by Japanese, Spanish and Local style. It reminds one of Hokkien Mee in dry version. By the way it is not spicy although it looks like it.

Duck Confit ($20)
confit duck, spinach berry compote, mushroom fricassee, roasted potato
Unlike the usual duck confit which is usually served with orange sauce, here it is served with a dark fruity berry sauce. The duck meat is fork tender and moist.

For dessert, we have Symphony of Assorted Cakes aka The Birthday Platter
($35), served on a wooden board. Each slice of cake is priced $7.90. If you would like to have this platter, please call 3 days in advance to place order.

Key Lime Tart
Served with Raspberry sauce
Slightly tart in taste, it is balanced off by the sweet raspberry sauce.

Peanut Butter Chocolate
Although Chef Shaun is not a fan of peanut butter, but is his favourite cake.
It is not bad except that I feel the sponge cake is a bit too dry.

Chocolate Banana
Served with chocolate sauce
It is not bad except that I feel the sponge cake is a bit too dry. Although it looks like a huge chunk of cream in the middle of the cake, but it does not taste too creamy.

Dark Chocolate Tart
This is the most chocolate among the 3 chocolate desserts. It is smooth and rich in taste.

Matcha Red Bean
Served with Raspberry sauce
Similar to the other cakes, I feel that the sponge cake is a bit too dry. The matcha taste is not distinct. Although having it with raspberry sauce, gives it a better taste being more moist.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake
Served with Sea Salt & Maple Syrup
The cheesecake alone is quite dense and strong in its cheesy taste. But pairing with a sprinkle of sea salt and a dash of maple syrup, the taste soften and turns quite smooth down the throat.

Tupelo Honey Fig Tea ($4/ cup)
The tea is light with a natural sweetness in taste. There is also other flavours of tea by Tea Forte such as Raspberry Nectar, English Breakfast and Orchid Vanilla.

Overall the dishes are great and well valued for money. Especially it is difficult to find such a reasonable priced steak these days. Just $20 for one. I’m looking forward to see what such a young chef can bring out in the future. Please note that are prices are in netts. Only cash and NETS accepted.

The BetterField
Address : 261 Waterloo Street #01-23 Singapore 180261
Tel : 6694 2361
Facebook :
Operating Hour : 10am – 10pm (Tue – Sun)
Instagram : thebetterfield

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