Bacchanalia serves reinvented classics and thought-provoking dishes that are influenced by flavours, techniques and premium ingredients from around the world, with its chefs from the well-known restaurant The Fat Duck. The 150-seater restaurant is housed in the historic Masonic Club building. Hanging from the ceiling, are the 400 hand-blown glass bubbles imported from the US. Leather covered sofa by the wall, red velvet armchairs, and wooden panel flooring filled the place.


Recently the restaurant has been nominated for the Seven Star Global Luxury Award, named as a finalist for ‘New Restaurant of the Year’ for the 2014 World Gourmet Series Awards of Excellence, and received the Public Award for Best Restaurant during Restaurant Week 2013. With so many awards, I feel that it would be a great choice to dine in there. Tonight I am dining with another friend to try on its restaurant week menu. As the restaurant has been awarded a dining star, the 3-course dinner costs $55++ per person. The meal does not come with complementary bread with dipping.



cauliflower gratin
Deep fried Cauliflower florets, white truffle & cheese foam, gremolata
It looks like a bowl of foam when served. The staff reminds us to stir in deep when eating this dish. At the bottom of the bowl, lies small pieces of deep fried cauliflower florets, which tastes over deep fried meat balls. Overall the dish tastes of cheese with thick creamy foam. Quite a demonstration of molecular gastronomy.



Chicken risotto
Confit leg of chicken, keluak nut, aged carnaroli rice, rum rasins, pickled lemon & cranberries
The risotto is well cooked and flavourful, with a combination of tastes ranging from rum, to sweet cranberries, and to savoury.


Tahitian vanilla confit salmon
Lightly cooked sashimi grade salmon, roasted garlic puree, shaved fennel, honey emulsion
The undercooked salmon is interestingly quite flaky when sliced. The shaved fennel is quite appetizing but the puree is quite plain in taste.



Apple & caramel streusel
Caramel poached apple, white chocolate cinnamon ganache, vanilla ice cream
The apple is quite well cooked but I could barely taste of caramel. The ice cream is smooth and creamy but melts rather fast.

Total damages for 2 persons : $129.50

Overall the food is not bad. But I feel pressured to rush through the meal. I have not finished the starter, when the main courses are served. The servings are quite small, and I do not feel full after finishing the 3-course meal. I request for the regular menu but is told that due resturant week, only restaurant week menu is available. The staff seems seemed super anxious to get rid of us after I turn down ordering of coffee, following by drinks. Lastly we are asked to leave as the restaurant needs the table for the next seating. Has it due to the fact that I have not ordered drinks, I am being treated as an unwanted customer? I do not think I will be returning in the near future.

Address : Masonic Club, 23A Coleman Street, Singapore 17980
Website :
Facebook :
Instagram : bacchanalia_asia
Operating Hours : 12pm – 3pm and 6pm – 12am (Mon – Thu), 12pm – 3pm and 6pm – 2am (Fri), 6pm – 2am (Sat)
Tel : 6509 1453

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