Launch of Open Snap

There is a new mobile application called “Open Snap” which will be launched on 30 April 2014. The application currently covers 9 different countries (more countries coming up) : Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and available in 5 different languages : English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia. The app is simple to use. Login with your Facebook ID or OpenRice existing ID, else create a new one. Besides the usual where users can upload, share, browse and like others’ photos, one can also add in digitsl filters, effects and localised stickers to the photos.

Today I am attending its launch at a 4-course lunch event. The event is hosted at Flutes in Singapore National Museum. Each of us is given an ipad, preloaded with app to try on. Although the ipad is a bit heavy and app still have a bit of issues (not all the photos which I have taken are successfully uploaded), the app is relatively easy to use, from photo taking to editing of the photos (cropping, filtering and adding stickers) to adding information about the photos.

The restaurant is first located at the Fire Chief’s House behind the historical Hill Street Fire Station and the Singapore Philatelic Museum in 2004. In 2013 it is relocated to the National Museum. The restaurant’s comprehensive wine list contains over 150 wine labels. Thr staff are proficient and attentive. The restaurant has 3 private dining rooms with one which seats up to 30 people.

For this event, the main dining hall is divided in to 4 long tables. I am seated at Table 3. The tables are simply decorated and light up by the bright flower displays on the tables.

We start the meal with Sun Dried Tomato Focaccia, served with olive oil dip. There is a light cheese taste in the bread which makes the bread feels a bit dense.

Smoked Salmon Rosettes
Blinis, Citrus, Bottarga, Creme Fraiche
For appetizer, we have Smoked Salmon Rosettes which is made of Blinis, Citrus, Bottarga, and Creme Fraiche. It is a simple and great combination with balance of the saltness of the salmon and the sweetness of the sliced orange.

Cream Of Mushroom
Truffle Oil & Chives
This is follows by the soup which is Cream Of Mushroom With Truffle Oil & Chives. It smells great of the truffle oil. Tastes quite thick and smooth.

For main courses, there is a choice between Grilled Beef Striploin and Seared Fillet of Barramundi.

Grilled Beef Striploin
Truffle Mash, Asparagus, Black Pepper Sauce
The beef is served medium cooked and is a bit tough to slice through.

Seared Fillet of Barramundi
White Bean Ragout, Mixed Herbs
The fish fares better as it is quite juicy.

Dark Chocolate Cake
Caramelised Walnut, Anglaise Sauce
The cake is quite firm and chocolaty.

Tropical Colada
Pineapple, Cream
And I end the meal with a glass of mockail called Tropical Colada, which made of pineapple and cream. It tastes creamy and refreshing.

At the end of the event, each of us leaves with a wonderful memory, as well as, a cute bento box, filled with assorted goodies for takeaway.

Inside there is stickers, jelly, biscuit, packeted drink, m&m, jam and a apron. So cute. Kind of reminding me of a NDP goodie bag which I last received in a NDP event at Padang.

Flutes at the National Museum
Address : The National Museum of Singapore, 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897
Tel : 63388770
Website :
Instagram : flutes_sg
Facebook : FlutesatNationalMuseum
Operating Hours :
11.30am till 2.00pm (Weekday lunch)
10.00am to 2.30pm (Weekend Brunch)
11.00am to 2.30pm (Sunday Roast)
3.00pm to 5.00pm (English Afternoon Tea)
6.30pm till 10.00pm (Dinner Mon – Fri)
6.30pm till 10.30pm (Saturdays)

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