Chef’s Noodle


“Celebrity Chef Choi In Sun from Chef’s Noodle will be coming to Singapore during the last week of June 2014. We would like to invite you to a dine with Chef Choi event on 29th June 12.30pm to 3pm at Jurong Point Shopping Centre.” When I received the message, I was so surprised. Of course I replied that I will be coming. Chef’s Noodle Singapore is officially opened on 5th April at HarbourFront Centre, serving Korean – Japanese dishes with a modern fusion twist. It origins from South Korea, with the menu items each individually and personally ‘crafted’ by a South Korea’s Chef Personality – Chef Choi.


Each of us is given a discount voucher at the registration counter. A few lucky ones even get extra when they sit at the lucky tables.


The restaurant is quite big in space, as it takes over the space of a seafood restaurant called Pioneer Wharf 百盛海鲜酒楼. The place is decorated in light and wooden tones.


Ice Rubus Tea ($4.90)
We are offered this upon seated at the table. Refreshing but tastes like Ribena to me.


The Chef Choi In Sun starts the event with a cooking demonstration on Chef’s Bulchobap (Sparkling Fire Sushi). The skillfulness in slicing the beef to shaping the rice to torching the thin slices of meat on the balls of sushi rice. It is a spectator sight to see the real guy in action.


I am lucky to get a taste of the sushi made by the chef himself and fed by the chef himself. It tastes simple melt in the mouth. Besides the original, it is served topped with 3 different sauces : sesame sauce, chilli sauce and garlic-mayonnaise sauce. It is served with wasabi dipping sauce which is quite watery and light in taste with a slight hint of wasabi.


Next we are shown a demonstration by the chef in eating Chef’s Guksoo the Korean style. It seems that the correct way to put a bit of everything into the spoon and fill the spoon with soup. It is quite interesting to know that korean guys tends to eat with the bowl next to the mouth and loudly too.


Steamer Basket of Buchu Saeu Twigim, Mandu Twigim, and Gamja Goroke, served with Wasabi dipping sauce.
Buchu Saeu Twigim ($6.90) is actually Chives And Shrimps Fritter which is a popular street food. A light batter to coat the marinated chives and dried shrimps before sending in for deep-frying to give that crackling crunch. It is dusted with light curry powder to give that robust flavour before serving. It is very crunchy and big in size, but quite oily too. Best break it into pieces first before eating.
Mandu Twigim ($5.90) is actually Deep-fried Seafood Dumplings. Crispy on the outside, it is quite juicy inside.
Gamja Goroke is actually Deep-fried Croquettes and which is a popular street food. It is made of potato and yam paste, which is why it tastes savoury-sweet.

For appetiser : we have of a choice of Chef’s Bulchobap (Sparkling Fire Sushi) and Bossam (Pork Belly Wrap).


Chef’s Bulchobap (Sparkling Fire Sushi) ($6.90)
Sushi rice ball, topped with a slice of marbled Wagyu Beef, glazed with a coat of sweetened Bulchobap sauce and flambe over a torch of fire to grill the meat. Tastes quite smooth but it is a great different from the one made by the chef himself and do not have melt in the mouth texture.

For the mains, we have a choice of Chef’s Guksoo , Daehan Deopbap and Chef’s Bibim Guksoo (Signature Pork Bulgogi Dried Noodles).


Chef’s Guksoo (Signature Chef’s Noodle)
Soft textured noodles in concentrated, savoury- sweet flavoured beef broth (Chef’s Guksoo) that comes with a tinge of slight peppery aftertaste. To add depth to the broth, topped with a slowly stewed Pork Bulgogi, and a healthy dose of fresh vegetable granishes. The soup is quite flavourful that one cannot taste that it is actually beef broth. The noodle looks like wanton mee but in a softer version. The dish is topped with beancurd puff, chives, egg roll, 3 coloured roll (Koreans usually eat this during special festival) and Pork Bulgogi. The egg roll is quite soft and fluffy like a sponge cake. Someone asks the chef about the making of the egg roll but he refuses to disclose, except that it is made in korean style. The pork is quite tender and flavourful. The 3 coloured roll is made of 3 items (think it looks like rice cake, crab stick, and green chilli) deep fried in batter.


Daehan Deopbap (Signature Korean-styled Rice Tub) ($12.90)
It is actually Deep-fried Stuffed Pepper Rice. The pepper is deep fried in tempura style and does not taste spicy. Kind of reminds me of Yong Tau Foo. Another interesting item in this dish is the octopus patty, which looks simple brown but tastes crunchy. It also has the sweet and fluffy egg roll as well as the 3 coloured roll in it. Other then that, it is Bibimbap served in a wooden tub. Tasty but I prefer Bibimbap served hot in the stone pot.


Overall the food is delicious but we are too full to finish all. Nice place and just next to the MRT station.

Chef’s Noodle

Address : 63 Jurong West Central 3, B1-45/46 Jurong Point, Singapore 648331

Tel : 6686 3108

Operating Hours : 11:30 am – 10:30 pm

Website :

Facebook :

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