Olivia Cassivelaun Fancourt


The restaurant is named after the late Sir Stamford Raffles’ first wife, and is located at the second level in one of Singapore’s oldest national monuments – The Arts House. It serves French cuisine. The restaurant is quite small with an open concept kitchen, overhung with bronze tinted mirror panels.. There is also a stage which artistes from Timbre Group perform on Friday and Saturday nights. The 60-seater restaurant, with a private room enough to accommodate 12 persons, opens on 4th of March 2013.


Tonight we are having a 3-course dinner meal which costs $35++ during Restaurant Week. I have made the booking at the start of the restaurant week booking which is end of February. A week before the dinner, I have received an email from the restaurant which requested for my credit card details in order to secure the booking. Last weekend I received a call from the restaurant to confirm my reservation. Tonight about 5pm I received a system operated call to confirm my booking for my 7pm dinner reservation. Wow so much steps for just a dinner, I am think the service at this restaurant must be real good?


We are surprised to found a plain whitewashed door with the restaurant on top. There is no signage if the restaurant is open or not. Inside one find a victorian-colonial and modern looking place with the grand looking piano on the stage. The staff behind the door seems a bit off when she sees us, as she is busy serving dishes to customers. In effect she gives a if we are lost look. It is after sometimes when another staff checks through the computer for our booking. Another surprise awaits us as we are showed to the counter seats for dinner. It is a first time for me having french cuisine at the counter. The chairs are quite high and both of us have quite a hard time of sitting comfortably. We have a great view of the chefs making the dishes. In effect we are been served by the chefs themselves for some of the dishes.


We are served piping hot sourdough bread with the butter in a cute cone shape. The bread is quite soft. The staff often comes around, asking if we wants a second helping.



Les Champignons
Mushroom Ragout, Organic Egg, Parmesan Emulsion
The mushroom is well cooked and very tasty. The parmesan emulsion is not too cheesy but a bit salty.

One can also topup $15++ to change the starter to Les Coquilles Saint-Jacques (Hokkaido Sea Scallops, Capellini Pasta, Truffle Fragrance).



Les Bar
Atlantic Seabass, Vegetable Fricassee, Saffron Emulsion
The vegetables taste quite crunchy and crispy. With such crispy skin, I find the meat a bit too dry.


Les Poulet Jaune d’Origine Francaise
Corn-fed Chicken from Landes, Celeriac Puree, Roasting Jus
There barely any meat in the mid joint which I am having but the meat tastes tender. The celeriac puree is a bit too light in taste.



La Pommes
Vanilla Poached Apples, Granny Smith Sorbet
A bit unbalance in taste, as it is sweet with a nutella like sauce on the base and a sourish sorbet on the top.The sponge cake on top of the sauce tastes a bit too dense.


Overall it has been a great experience. But seating at the counter has its side effects with the steam coming from the pots now and then, and makes one feels quite hot even with the air cooler behind us. Takes it as a free facial if one likes it. Coffee and tea is not included in the set meal. I have also visited the private dining room which is much colder and brighter than the main dining room. And if a staff has been stationed outside the restaurant, the customer would feel more comfortable, instead of feeling lost. A discount voucher is given for use at the next visit.

Total damages for 2 persons : $82.39

Olivia Cassivelaun Fancourt
Address : #02-02 The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane,
Singapore 179429
Operating Hours : 12 to 2:30pm, 6 to 10:30pm
Tel : 6333 9312
Website : http://ocf-singapore.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/OCF/526668227345078

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