Wednesday Cafe

This cafe is different from the usual type of cafes. It charges customers based on the length of time customers spend in the cafe, instead of the usual based on what food and drinks been ordered. Customer is charged $12 for the first hour, and $5 for subsequent half hour.

The service includes one entitled to an all-you-can-eat at the complimentary dessert bar, inclusive of coffee, tea and specialty Pink Lemonade. If you are lucky, you may get to try unique cupcake flavours such as Nasi Lemak Cupcake and Teh Tarik Cupcake by OneCupCakeADay! Although it is not a cat café, but two cats

(Tootise (grey white furball cat) &

Tofu (white blue eyed cat)) are around in the cafe.

We are showed to a cozy corner, surrounded with a number of small pillows and a low lying table. With dim surrounding, one can get asleep easily here.

From the dessert bar, we try the following

Choco-Holic Orange Cake
It looks plain, but it tastes not bad.

Nutella Mud Pie
It looks muddy but it tastes great too like mars bar with a sticky surface.

Colorful looking and does not taste too sweet.

Churro cupcake
It looks quite cute with blue colored cream on top, tastes of cinnamon.

Peanut butter salt caramel cupcake
It looks plain, but it is moist with filling in its centre and does not taste too sweet.

Speculoos Cheesecake Bar ($5)
This is the best out of all the desserts which I have tried. Really very yummy. Caramel taste.

Green Tea Latte ($3.30)
It is served with a cookie, tastes a bit weak. It costs $2.80 if one stays more than an hour in the cafe.

We also help ourselves to the star shaped honey coated cereal, mixed nuts, warm Pink Lemonade, lemon flavoured water, and hot tea. Overall the place is quite cozy and relaxing to be in. One can feel that the time pass quite fast here.

There is also games, novels, toys available to keep one occupy in this place, plus free wifi around.

We also received passport cards which give discount for following visits.

Wednesday Cafe
Address : 220 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437011
Tel : 6247 7760
Operating Hours : 1pm – 10pm (Closed on Thursday)
Facebook :

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