Tsukada Nojo 塚田農場


The house specialty “BIJIN NABE” of Tsukada Nojo, which people are willing to queue up for it and only only served during dinner (from 5pm onwards).
It’s a quality collagen soup of free-range JIDORI chicken from Miyazaki, Japan, served with various vegetables, shrimps and other nutritional ingredients. In Tsukada Nojo, the restaurants use only free range chickens that are raised in a safe and controlled environment on their Miyazaki farms.

The chickens are highly prized and are known as Miyazaki Jitokko. With the success of “Miyazaki Jitokko”, follows by the launch of a new breed of Jidori called “Shintoku Jidori” in Tokachi, Hokkaido.

By stewing the chicken bones for over 8 hours, the clear golden broth is both natural and rich in collagen. Which is why the soup is known as the Golden Jidori Soup. There are only 3 ingredients in the soup stock : Jidori bones, water and salt. Tsukada Nojo believe in the simplicity of quality and by stewing these 3 ingredients over a long period of time, it achieved a nutritious, rich and flavourful soup.

This collagen soup is 100% natural from chicken, it’ll be solidified at a room temperature. In the restaurant, BIJIN NABE is at first presented for guests with this condition of solidified collagen!(and there are chicken meat hidden under the collagen)! STEP 1 : wait for the collagen pudding to melt fully.

After the soup has melted, the staff served us a small amount of it in a Ochoko(sake cup) for a sip. It is very thick and creamy soup.

STEP 2 : The 4 types of spices (Negi ginger oil, Yuzu pepper, Chili shoyu, Red chili oil) available on the table for you to try your food with.


The melted version of the soup. STEP 3 : Stir the soup, pick out a piece of chicken and have a taste.

The set comes with a colourful spread of items to cook in the soup.

STEP 4 : Fill the wooden spatula with Tori Tsukune ( minced chicken meatball) and cook it in the soup.

STEP 5 : Put in ingredients in the following order : Yellow zucchini, Winter melon, Water melon radish, Black & White fungus.

STEP 6 : Add Yuzu for a brand-new taste of the soup.

STEP 7 : Add prawns to tone up the taste of the collagen soup.

STEP 8 : Add leafy vegetables : Deep fried tofu, Mushrooms, Lettuce, Chinese cabbage, Chinese water spinach.

So colourful looking. And tasty too.

STEP 9 : Add Thick Mochi Mochi Noodles, which comes with the hotpot set, ready for cooking. There are 3 choices of noodles (Thin egg noodle, Thick mochi-mochi noodle, Rice noodle) but we selected this. It tastes rather QQ and flavourful.

Nikumaki Onigiri with Cheese ($3.50/pc)
Melted cheese on nikumaki. Nikumaki Onigiri is Bite-sized rice ball wrapped in pork, baked with a special soy sauce. A hot favourite in Japan and hopefully in Singapore! Love the way the pork wrapped around the plain rice ball.

We end the meal with a cute display of caramel jelly. So cute 🙂

Total damages :$62.95

Tsukada Nojo 塚田農場
Address : Plaza Singapura #03-81, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839
Tel : 6336 5003
Operating Hours : 11:30-15:00(Lunch), 17:00-22:00(Dinner)
FB : https://www.facebook.com/TsukadaNojoSingapore.ap
Website : http://www.apcompany.jp/

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