Chicken Up

Chicken Up, which opens from 2010, is a casual restaurant offering Korean Cuisine. Currently it has expanded to a chain of 7 restaurants all over Singapore. It is well known for its Korean style fried chicken which marinated for 12 hours before double fried to seal in the flavors. The fried chicken is available in a variety of flavours such as Yangnyum – a sweet and tangy flavour and Ganjang- a garlic-soya based blend. The restaurant also boasts a unique range of home-brewed, fruit- infused Soju with thirst-quenching flavours like watermelon, peach, apple and pear.

The restaurant at the Parkway Parade has an interesting concept where the walkway cuts through the restaurant which gives the restaurant a kind of indoor or outdoor dining although both are within the aircon area of the shopping mall. The restaurant is decorated in an unique fusion way with light bulbs and bottles of dried fruits and vegetables decorating the walls.

Ganjang (Soya) Chicken Wings ($12)
The restaurant’s bestseller! declared as the best Korean fried chicken in Singapore! Freshly deep fried chicken wings dipped in Chicken Up’s Special Soya Sauce blend (kids friendly)
The chicken wing is quite crispy on the outside and juicy inside. Although it is tossed in soya sauce, it is not overly salty. Instead the soya sauce lends a kind of sweetness to it.

Yangnyum Chicken Wings ($12)
Chicken wings with Korean Style Spicy chilli sauce
Although it sounds quite spicy, but it tastes more like deep fried chicken wing covered with a layer of sweet and sour sauce. Maybe the spicy level has toned down for the local.

Jabchae ($14)
Stir-fried glass noodle with carrots and chives in secret blend of soy sauce and beef seasoning
The dish tastes not bad even although it is a simple traditional dish.

Makguksu ($12)
Cold Buckwheat Noodle Salad and hot summer go together like hot chocolate and cold winter.
The shredded vegetables gives a crunchy and crisp texture on top of its cold and wasabi like taste. I am quite surprise to find wasabi like taste like in this dish as it is rare for a korean dish to have this kind of taste.

Ugly Tang Stew ($30)
Good for 2 persons. Chicken Up’s Unique Army Stew with (Pork) belly, ham, sausage, vegetable, macaroni, baked bean, cheese and noodles.
I am disappointed with the size of the serving, especially after reading that it is good for 2 persons on the menu. It looks quite small, served in a small metal pot over the burning stove. However it is quite filling as there is instant noodle and macaroni in it. It looks a bit overpriced to me with all the cheap ingredients in it.

Haemul-Pajeon ($18)
Also known as Seafood and Green Onion Pancake. Shrimps, squids, chilli pepper, onion and chives prepared with korean batter mix and beef seasoning
It tastes not with the soya sauce based sauce, although I feel the pancake is a bit bland on its own.

Topokki with Cheese and Seafood ($20)
Rice cake, vegetables and fish cakes, seafood, museels, squid, scallops and prawns in gochujang (red chilli paste) sauce and beef seasoning
This turns out to the most spicy dish of the meal. It is served in a small metal pot, similar to the Ugly Tang Stew. The soup is quite thick and rich, even richer than the cheese is melted. We are all downing cups of water after having this.

Kimchi Fries ($18)
Generous serving of fries with fermented kimchi, marinated shredded chicken all bunched in one delighted bite
Quite an interesting combination. It tastes quite even when the fries has turned soggy. However I feel that the shredded chicken is a bit too dry and does not look like chicken with its dark color or taste like chicken. I have thought that it could be beef at first but the staff has confirmed with me that it is chicken cooked in stock.

Bulgogi Fries ($18)
Fully loaded with thin slices of beef marinated in soy sauce and others home-made ingredients
This kind of reminds of potato wedges served with sour cream, except that the wedges are replaced by fries here. Quite addictive to have, except that the beef is a bit hard to chew.

Watermelon Soju ($38)
The water melon shell is served in a bowl of dry ice, which makes such a grand entrance with the smoke flowing out. Soju is stirred into watermelon juice in front of us. It is quite a refreshing drink with finely crushed ice, although I wish that it could be colder. Good for before or after meal.

Pineapple Soju ($30)
Similar to the watermelon soju, it is also served in the fruit. The drink has a richer taste of the fruit but also have a more fibre like texture especially towards the bottom of the fruit.

Overall the food is not bad. Remember to handle the chicken wings with the disposable gloves provided if you do not wish to dirty your fingers or use fork and knife to cut it. There is also wet tissues provided on the table for one to clean up. Iced water is served in a bottle and refilled regularly. I will be back to try the restaurant’s other signature dishes such as Yangpa Bomb (golden crisp onion petals), and Melon Bingu which I have not tried tonight.

Chicken Up
Address : #01-10 Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Road, Singapore 449269
Tel :  6348 0460
Open : 11am-11pm
Website :
Facebook :
Instagram : Chicken.Up

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