ChaoZhou Porridge 潮粥

Teochew porridge was a common food to have at home when I was young. It usually consists of pipping hot porridge, served with a few simple home-cooked dishes. Located in middle of a row of shophouses, next UE Square, there is this restaurant who offers this traditional comfort food till late at night.

The place is decorated in traditional style in a modern way. Currently the restaurant is having a supper buffet promotion till end of this month, one can eat as much as you can from the displayed dishes over the counter, as well as the braised platter. The dishes available on the counter are quite a selection, ranging from the traditional salted egg, braised preserved mustard greens (Mei Cai), to shredded potato, spinach with 3 types of eggs and crispy fried smelt fish 美人魚.

Porridge 白糜 ($0.70)
The teochew style porridge was a watery version with the rice grains holding their shapes. It is rice cooked in a short time with a lot of water. The porridge is served half dry like a mountain, with the other half like the sea, which is unusual.

Steamed Meat Ball with Porridge Water 人乡随俗 ($5.50)
It is steamed meat ball, served with the water from the porridge. The steamed meat ball is stuffed with salted preserved vegetables which gives a slightly salted taste. Unusual way of serving, but feel that the meat ball is a bit too firm, and lacking of juicy bites.

Braised Delights Platter 卤味拼盘 ($16.90)
Duck, Pork Belly, Large Intestines, Egg, Bean Curd, Tau Pok
I like the juicy braised duck which is quite juicy.

Cockles (Soy Sauce) 蛤(酱油)($6.90)
I seldom eat cockles these day, as I don’t like having overcooked version. The raw ones served here are soaked in dark soya sauce, are juicy with bites.

Big Sotong 大苏东 ($6.90)
The steamed squid is served cold, with salted fermented soy bean chilli sauce. The sauce is tangy and spicy with a hint of saltiness.

Cold Bean Curd with Preserved Radish 菜脯拌豆腐 ($4.80)
It looks such a simple dish, with just the plain bean curd topped with chopped preserved radish and spring onions, yet it is appetising to have with just plain porridge with extra crunch from the preserved radish. Never thought of that when having porridge at home.

Preserved Radish Omelette 菜脯蛋 ($2.50 S, $4.50 L)
I like that the simple omelette is covered with crispy surface and crunchy inside. But it gets a bit too oily after some bites. Need more plain porridge to smoothen the taste.

Fragrant Minced Meat 香豉肉碎 ($4.20 S, $8.20 L)
The minced meat is cooked with bean paste sauce. Slightly salty and oily, but appetising to have with just plain porridge.

Mullet 黑鱼 (Seasonal Price)
The fish is steamed and served with chopped preserved mustard in it, which adds additional crunch to the meaty fish.

Teochew Fried Crab Balls 潮州炸蟹枣(3粒)($9.80/ 3 pieces)
It does not look like balls when served. I almost want to ask if they have sweet flour sauce to dip it with. Although it looks very crispy, inside it is juicy with meaty crab meat, and crunchy ( I suspect crunchy water chestnuts). One piece is not enough. I wish I have ordered more.

Crisp-fried Taro Rolls 香芋煎卷 ($2.30/ piece)
There is a minimum order of 3 pieces for this item. While light and cripsy on the outside, inside it is smooth and soft with the sweetness from the yam.

Sweetened Mashed Taro with Ginkgo Nuts 白果芋泥 ($3.80)
It is rich and smooth, served with coconut milk. The ginkgo nuts taste a tab bitter. I would prefer to have them soaked in syrup to remove the bitter taste.

I have Barley 薏米水 ($1.80) to finish the meal with. Light and easy down the throat.

Overall the food is not bad, and there is still a lot of dishes which I have not tried. I am glad to find this place that offers comfort food in the city area.

ChaoZhou Porridge 潮粥
Address : 221 River Valley Road, Singapore 238279
Tel : 6268 6763
Opening Hours : 11:00 am-2:00 am
Facebook :潮粥糜

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