Table By Rang Mahal

Offering contemporary and delicious Indian cuisine, Table by Rang Mahal is a relaxed bistro-style dining concept from the award winning Rang Mahal group of restaurants.

Located at the ground floor of Naumi Hotel, with direct street access , Table has been tastefully designed with an open dining room concept. Shades of white, gold and grey give a fresh look and floor to ceiling mirrors amplify light and space.

Tulsi Sherbet
A delightful concoction consisting of basil, lemon, ginger and spices! The perfect drink to enjoy on a warm summer night in Singapore!
A very refreshing and cooling drink to have. For one who do not like basil, it really tastes very good.

Tandoori Paneer ($20)
A traditional Indian favourite – Indian cottage cheese marinated in yoghurt masala and grilled in a tandoor.
One never knows that it is cheese until we see the menu. There is none of the usual strong cheese smell or taste. I have thought that I am having grilled tofu.

Bombay Pani Pani ($9)
A classic savoury snack made of semolina puffs, chilled spice water, sweet tamarind chutney and mint chutney.
To eat this, first put abit of the sweet tamarind chutney or mint chutney into the puff, follows by pouring some of chilled spice water into it. Eat it in a mouthful. I could feel all the different flavours in my mouth all at once. Interesting snack item.

Chilli Cheese Kulzza ($10)
Think pizza, but Indian-inspired.
Warm,melty with a tinge of chilli and coriander, these flat breads are stuffed with yellow cheddar and make prefect appetizers to any meal.
It is like habing cheese pizza with chilli sauce to dip with. Interesting and different from the traditional dishes.

Murgh Angar ($20)
Tender, juicy chicken chunks coated with a red chilli marinade.
It is actually tandoori chicken, made with a marinade of 12 ingredients which includes cashew nut, ginger, bell pepper, yogurt and chilli. It is tender and tastes quite flavourful with a kind of nutty taste that reminds one of the satay sauce.

Lamb Biryani ($24)
A meal fit for a king.
Indulge in our rendition of fragrant basmati rice, tender lamb chunks and splashes of saffron and mint.

The rice gives an even yellow color after mixing together. The rice itself is very flavourful, while the lamb is soft and tender with none of the strong gamey that usually associated with the meat.

Garlic / Butter Naan ($5 per serving)
Crispy and fluffy, layers of fresh bread peppered with garlic bits or infused with luscious butter.

Butter Chicken ($24)
Creamy house tomato gravy with chicken chunks.
The chicken pieces are very tender and flavourful, with a melt in the mouth texture. I could mop up lots of the gravy with the fluffy and garlicky naans.

Prawn Curry ($27)
A medley of sweet peppercorns, coriander and a spritz of lemon.
Seldom see prawn curry in Indian restaurant. This version here is not bad except that it is more on the salty side for me.

Dessert Trio ($14)
Rasmalai – Cheese dumplings with reduced cardamom flavoured milk
It does not taste like cheese and has a cloub like texture. Interesting.

Gulab Jamun – Indian dumplings in cardamom syrup
The version here has a golden brown color instead of the usual cream milk color. It tastes light and not as sweet as the usual version at other restaurants.

Table’s Pop -Sugar free popsicle made with strawberry slices, fresh coconut and chia seeds
Surprisingly I could not taste the strong taste of chia seeds. It is not too sweet and quite refreshing.

Masala Tea ($6)
A freshly brewed Indian spiced tea
It is made of 7 different ingredients which includes cloves, bay leaves, ginger, water and milk. I am surprised that it is served without sugar added. Most places usually served it in a quite sweeten version. It tastes quite strong and fragrant.

Overall the food is delicious and not as sweet as the traditional version which I feel most will be able to accept. Interesting restaurant which does not look the traditional dark looking ones. It breathes a fresh air with its bright and open concept.

Table By Rang Mahal
Address : Naumi Hotel, 41 Seah Street, Singapore 188396
Tel : +65 6403 6005
Website :
Open :
Breakfast : 7am to 10.30am (Mondays to Fridays), 7am to 11am (Weekends & Public Holidays)
All-day dining : 11am to 10.30pm

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