Diamond Kitchen 钻石小厨

Located at the deep end of Science Park I, Diamond Kitchen opens its second outlet at Oasis (which is formerly known as Science Hub). The size of this outlet is much bigger than its first outlet, with its huge dine in area, as well as, huge kitchen. The restaurant is decorated in a moden stylish way with high ceiling and traditional drawings on the walls. The restaurant is usually quite during weekday lunch time with the nearby office crowd and weekends with the family crowd. But during weekday nights the place is usually empty as the only bus service 92 only operates till 7.30pm from Monday to Saturaday. So be prepared to walk to the nearest Kent Ridge MRT station if you happen to dine in here. Or else you would need a taxi or drive a car. The restaurant serves fresh seafood and traditional Chinese dishes. The restaurant is opened by 2 young bosses (one in late 20s and one in early 30s) who are relatives. To make maintain the quality of the seafood, these bosses regularly will go to Jurong Fishery Port to check out the seafood.

Its kitchen is headed by a chef from Malaysia, which why one can find a number of dishes which can be found in Malaysia. The restaurant has strict control over its kitchen with CC TVs all over the place. If you happen to find fault with the dishes, don’t be surprised if the restaurant will check the recordings to see if what has gone wrong in the cooking process.

Champagne Pork Ribs 香槟排骨 ($14/21/28)
Deboned champagne ribs – soft, succelent, and bursting with flavour.
The pork ribs is served with the ribs removed, which save the hassle of removing the ribs while eating. The pork ribs is marinated with “secret sauce” which gives the meat an extra kick in sweetness. The meat is juicy sweet and tender.

Salted Egg Chicken 咸蛋鸡 ($14/21/28)
Chicken cubes deep fried and coated in a golden layer of salted egg sauce.
The sauce is very thick and rich, with the rough texture of cooked salted egg.

Three Egg Chinese Spinach 三蛋苋菜 ($12/18/24)
Soft spinach and a medley of egg whites, salted egg and century egg, nestled in a luxurious, homemade broth of superior stock soup.
From the first glance, I have thought that porridge is been served. The dish is very rich and thick, with a hint of sweetness from the wolfberries. I could eat a lot of this with just plain rice.

Sauna Prawn 竹桶虾 ($26/39/52)
This unique dish is served in a bamboo steamer, from which one can enjoy fresh prawns seasoned and steamed to prefection over heated stones.
It is a dish which is common in KL. The dish makes a grand entrance with steam and smells of herbs and wine coming out when the staff removes the cover. The dish is cooked with various herbs such as wolfberries and dang gui which is soaked up by the fresh and juicy prawns.

Pumpkin Bean Curd 金瓜豆腐 ($14/21/28)
Homemade beancurd comes lathered with a generous serving of pumpkin sauce, topped with tender pieces of prawn, crab meat and scallop.
Soft and smooth bean curd, but the finely chopped prawn and crab meat fail to make an impression on the dish.

Diamond Gan Xiang Crab 钻石干香蟹 (market price)
It is a dish which is common in KL. The dish is cooked with a special sauce that is comprises of over 20 spices, herbs and ingredients, which includes lemon grass, shallots, garlic, ginger, chilli, black pepper, fermented soya bean paste (made in-house), 2 types of curry powder and its own version of specially made sambal. Not the usual sweet black pepper crab style. Here it is a fiery spicy and tasty style with huge sized Sri Lankan crab.

The made in-house sambal paste looks lighter in color when compared to usual types. But it has a spicy and addicitive taste. We like it so much that we keep asking the staff for refills. It is currently the 5th version made by the chef.

Salted Egg Crab 咸蛋蟹 (market price)
Similar to the salted egg chicken, the sauce is very rich and thick. But used in the crab I feel that it enhances the sweetness of the crab meat. Oh god, I keep licking off the sauce off the shells. Don’t waste a bit of it.

Gan Xiang Fried Rice 干香炒饭 ($9/14/18)
This newest hit was conceived by well-known food aficionados and friends of Diamond Kitchen. Fragrant rice grains, chicken, hae bee and egg are stir fried in its signature Gan Xiang style.
The fried rice is light and spicy, great for those who loves sambal.

Superior Stock Clam Bee Hoon 啦啦米粉 ($14/21/28)
Well braised beehoon simmered in rich soup stock and topped with a lavish serving of clams. A crowd favourite.
Fresh clams are brought in every morning to prepare the rich Clam Stock. Paired with the tangy secret in-house Master Chef Stock and a dash of peppercorns, the clams and bee hoon were to be cooked under strong raging fire to perfection. The result, an absolutely stunning fragrant peppery goodness.
The soup has the sweetness and essence of the clams.

Pumpkin /Gingko Yam Paste 金瓜/ 白果芋泥 ($14/28)
The yam paste is rich and creamy. But I would prefer it served pipping hot, as well as, the coconut milk served by the side. I feel that the version served here has too much milk on top.

And down with Fresh Aloe Vera 新鲜蘆薈. The drink is light and refreshing with juicy cubes of aloe vera in it.

Overall the food here is delicious. If I am working nearby, I would not mind coming here often for lunch. The service is great with plates changed regularly and water refilled. The prices of the dishes are quite reasonable too.

Diamond Kitchen 钻石小厨
Address : Blk 87 Science Park Drive, #01-01 Oasis, Singapore 118260
Tel : 6464 0410
Operating Hours : 11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Website : http://www.diamondkitchen.com.sg/
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/diamondkitchenseafood

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