Nara Thai

Nara Thai is a well known chain of thai cuisine restaurants in Bangkok. Its first outlet is opened in Erawan, Bangkok in 2006 by Yuki Srikarnchana, bringing Thai street food into air-conditioned restaurant. In September 2013, it expands to Singapore with an outlet in ION Orchard and follows by another outlet in Westgate mall, and also an authentic Thai catering arm, Nara Thai Fine Banquets.

Recently the restaurant has launched a new and refreshed menu with additional dishes inspired by Bangkok’s famed grilled street food. There is 15 new dishes in the new menu for to try out. Tonight I am lucky to get to try out some of these new dishes.

Ruam Mit Talay Yang ($88.90++)
Assorted Grilled Seafood Platter, serves 2-3 paxs
It consists of

Pla Kra Pong Yang ($32.90++)
Street-Style Grilled Whole Sea Bass with Thai Herbs
The sea bass is stuffed with lemongrass stick, kaffir lime and glangal, then slow-cooked on the grill. The result is a tender, aromatic flesh with a crispy smoky skin.

Kung Yang ($28.90++)
Barbecued Black Pepper Tiger Prawns
The butterflied tiger prawns are place on the grill with a generous coat of crushed black peppercorns and minced garlic.

Pla Muk Yang Jim Sauce ($16.90++)
Street-Style Grilled Squid with Chili Lime Sauce

, skewered scallops, and mussels with chilli lime sauce, served with Nam Jim Seafood Sauce (a tangy blend of Thai-sourced ingredients – coriander, lemongrass, fish sauce, galangal, kaffir lime and Thai palm sugar).
Huge serving which is great for sharing. The seafood is fresh and juicy, just have simply have it with the spicy and tangy dips.

Gai Tord Gra Tiem ($10.90++)
Crispy Fried Chicken with Garlic
The skin of the chicken is crispy while inside the meat is tender. Topped with the crispy minced garlic, it is a hit with everyone. Served with sweet chilli sauce.

Neam Moo ($13.90++)
Barbecued Fermented Sour Pork Sausage
The sausage is stuffed in-house, grilled, and served with ginger slices, coriander and bird’s eye chilli.
It looks similar to the Taiwan sausage but with a hint of sour taste which not everyone take to it.

Moo Yang Jim Jaew ($13.90++)
Barbecued Pork Neck with Tamarind Dip
Pork neck is used here as it is a favoured cut of Thais – slices of pork with a perfect balance of fat, muscle and tender flesh.
Although the strips of meat looks fatty, it does not taste jelat and goes quite well with the spicy and sour dip. Interestingly the dip is topped with finely minced rice.

Kai Jiew Cha Om ($12.90++)
Cha Om Omelette
Cha Om ชะอม is a shrub, also known as Climbing wattle and is common is south east asia. It tastes quite nice with the chilli sauce served with it. It is eating crunchy greens in omelette form.

Kao An Chan ($2++)
Blue Jasmine Rice
It is interesting have plain rice that have been dyed with blue jasmine. Kind of unusual.

Ma Muang Khara Mel ($7.90++)
Caramelised Mango with Coconut Ice Cream and Basil Sauce
The mango is juicy and sweet, while the coconut ice cream is smooth and refreshing. The refreshing basil sauce provides a balance to the sweetness but not overwhelming. Interesting usage of basil here especially when one tends to associate it with savoury food.

Overall it is interesting to know that Thai cuisine is not just only spicy and sour food such as Tom Yam Kung. There is a lot of choices available for those who do not take spicy food.

Nara Thai Cuisine
Address : Ion Orchard #B3-21, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
Tel : 6634 5787
Operating Hours : 11.30am – 9.30pm
Website :
Facebook :
Instagram : NaraThaiSG

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