Pint & Curries

Tonight I am invited to an OpenRice Food Tasting Session. Pint & Curries is opened jointly by Bar Bar Black Sheep and S11. This the second joint venture for them, with the first being Quayside Fish Bar & Bistro. There will be more upcoming restaurants by them in different themes. At the first look the restaurant looks like a pop out stall with some tables outside. But don’t worry about the weather as the restaurant is located within the sheltered area of the building. Operating with one chef at site, one can still have a various of yummy Indian food on the menu. There is also a wide range of uncommonly seen beers on the drink menu. Menu is a simple one piece 2-sided paper. As there is no service charge, one is expected to go to the counter to order food, with food being served at your table later.

Fruli Strawberry Beer
Made from real strawberries
The beer has a rather light and fruity taste, which does not make me feel that I am drinking a beer.

Other drinks which we tried includes the following :

Rekorderlig Cider
(Strawberry lime)
Made from the purest Swedish spring water and bursting with deliciously ripe sumer strawberry flavours. Add ice and mint for a taste sensation

Brewdog Punk IPA
Originating from Aberdeenshire, this trans-Atlantic fusion gives off an exxplosion of tropical fruit flavours and a sharp bitter finish

Italian Beer with an aroma of sweet malt. Dry aftertaste and medium bitterness. Very light and easy to drink

Samosas ($6.90/ 3pcs)
We start the meal with samosas.

Deep fried pastry bags, filled with minced filling
The crispy skin is light and crisp but I cannot taste what kind of meat is being used here. Suspect that it is chicken. The minty chutney dip is a bit too strong to go with it.

Chicken Malai Kebab ($14)
Succlent chicken marinated with yogurt, nuts and cream that melts in the mouth
The chicken is tender and goes quite well with the dip which lends a kind of sweetness to the meat.

Butter Chicken ($12)
Boneless chicken with butter cream, tomatoes and masala
A Bar Bar Black Sheep Favourite
This is the table’s favourite dish. The chicken pieces inside are super tender with a melt in the mouth texture. I wish for more. And it gone too soon.

Palak Paneer ($9)
cottage cheee cubes in a delicious spinach puree
For those who like cheese, you will like this too with its cubes of cheese inside.

Rogan Josh ($12)
cubes of tender mutton in special herbs and spices
The lamb is huge in pieces but tastes very tender.

Prawn Chilli Masala ($16)
succulent prawns in a spicy tomato onion masala
The sauce is quite thick and spicy, that we can barely find the juicy prawns. But it tastes yummy good.

Naan – plain ($3), garlic ($3.50), cheese ($3.50), cheese & garlic ($4.50)
baked on premise, fluffy and pipping fresh from ovens
The garlic ones are a bit light in flavours. I am expecting lots of minced garlic in them. The cheese ones are quite nice but not cheesy.

Saffron Rice ($4.50)
Basmati infused with Saffron, the most expensive spice in the world
The serving is quite huge even for the guys. We see the couple at the next table who order 2 plates of rice and could barely finish one. Colourful looking with a slight flavour, but seem to be lacking of the usual various spices.

Overall the food is very nice. I am surprised to find Indian food in such a place. By the way the restaurant opens till quite late until the early morning. If you happen to be in the area clubbing, why not come here for supper. The place can get real packed. I am being told by Crystal that long queues are formed during the World Cup season during the early morning.

Pint & Curries
Address : 3D River Valley Road #01-14, Singapore179023
Tel : 6337 4616
Operating Hours : 7pm – 4am
Facebook :


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