Fast Food For Thought


Fast Food For Thought used to be called Food For Thought @8Q, and is opened by the social enterprise Food For Thought (FFT). It is opened on 3 June 2013, fast Food For Thought (fFFT) is a burger shack that doubles up as a pop-up community art museum. The place has an open kitchen concept because it opened up interaction between the staff and the customers. The place is spaced out, well-lit and well ventilated, allowing people space to comfortably relax and take a breather. The glass jar installation at the dining area is very unique, reminding me of the raindrop installation at the airport. An envelope with my name is found lying on the reserved table. Wow so thoughtful.



Tonight I am having the Restaurant of Reverse where one is served dessert first, followed by main and lastly starter. It is the reserve of the usual dining way. The meal costs $40 per person and only 8 sets are available for the night. At the start of the meal, I am given the above card, which makes me think back about my life.

IMG_3565IMG_3564 IMG_3555

For the first course, I served a glass of cold white wine and Caramel Banana Tartlet for dessert. The banana tartlet is very soft, covered with a crispy and crunchy coconut top. I would prefer it hot so that it would make a bigger impression with cold ice cream that served with it. I am also given another card with the course, which I have a fun time joining the dots to form the duck. There is also questions regarding life at the back of the card.

IMG_3569IMG_3570 IMG_3566

Next I have Spicy Pork Oriechette, served with slow burn chilli padi, pulled pork, char-grilled vegetables for main course. Although there is chilli padi, it is not as spicy as expected. The pulled pork is very tender and add flavour to the simple dish. This card accompany the main course with sweet notes behind it.

IMG_3576IMG_3577 IMG_3574

For the last course, I have Break of Day Salad as starter. It is looks like Caesar salad and has grilled romaine, quail eggs, bacon crisps and butter soldiers. The bacon crisp is very crispy and surprising tastes like anchovies. Although the romaine is grilled char black at the edge, it does not taste bitter. But the best part in this salad is the chicken which is very tender with its undercooked texture.Another card accompany this dish too which wrote about next year will come like the break of day.


Lastly I am served a cup of Chamomile tea after the meal, and a card which thank me for being here tonight. I also received a personal handwritten postcard from the restaurant. So thoughtful. The staff also asks me for feedback at the end of the meal.

Overall it is great food with great service. I will be back again.

Fast Food For Thought
Address : 8 Queen Street, Singapore188535
Operating Hours : 10am to 9pm (Tue – Fri), 9am – 9pm (Sat) (Last order at 8.30pm, 9am – 6pm (Sun) (Last order at 5.30pm)
Website :
Facebook :


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