Domino’s Pizza Singapore


Tonight I am invited to Domino’s Bloggers Appreciation Night 2013 which is hosted at *Scape’s Gallery. We are treated to a feast of food by Domino’s. Do you know all the food on Domino’s menu is cooked by baking, except for drinks. Yes even the chicken drumlets and onion rings. It sounds so healthy even for junk food. One can also order pizza 7 days in advance through online and mobile application. One can also register up to 5 addresses in your online account. Through GPS tracker, one can track your pizza from making to baking to delivery.

Currently the new style in Domino’s is its Cheesy Crust. It is crunchy outside as the crust is generously sprinkled with tasty parmesan, parsley, and breadcrumbs. It is also cheesy inside as it is filled with melting hot mozzarella, coated with garlic and herbs. Do take note that cheesy crust comes with a surcharge of $4 (regular) and $6 (large) for the usual pizza.


We get to try this crust in Chilli Chicken pizza. It is very cheesy which I like is very much. The chilli chicken pizza is filled with juicy smoked chicken breast, onions, red pepper, chilli flakes and mozzarella cheese. It is very cheesey with just a hint of spiciness.


Also have the all time favourite The Big BBQ pizza which is mozzarella cheese with smoked chicken breast, onion, green pepper, and BBQ sauce.


Finally I am able to try Portofino Prawn pizza this time. I have been too full when this pizza is served during the last pizza event. It is filled with cherry tomatoes, juicy prawns, feta cheese, Belgian spinach, onions and napolitana sauce. Seldom have I see pizza filled with spinach and this is a very tasty combination. For sides, we have


Golden Roasted Drummet ($9.80/ 6pcs) It is well seasoned and juicy, with a hint of spiciness.


Crazy Chicken Crunchies ($9.80/ original) Tender cuts of chicken breast, marinated, and breaded then baked. It is so crispy that one would have thought it is deep fried. It also comes in Tom Yam flavour too.


Garlic Cheese Onion Rings ($4.80) A dish which is usually deep fried, but here the breaded sweet onions is baked and topped with garlic cheese powder. Yummy. Lastly for dessert, we have


Chocolate Lava Cake ($6.90) which is full of melted soft chocolate centre. A hot favourite with all chocolate lovers.

This is by games and finally a prize giving ceremony to conclude the Inter-Blogger Contest 3, where a grand winner bags $1000 home.

And the winner is William. Congratulations to him.

As well as to the rest of the winners.

Domino’s Pizza Singapore
Website :
Tel : 6222 6333
Address : 71 Killiney Road Singapore 239527


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