Mitsui Japanese Cuisine 三井日式料理


Started in 1992, this well known Japanese restaurant has since expanded to a total of 7 restaurants in Taipei. It is known to cater to the upper crust of Taipei. Due to its popularity, a reservation is a must to dine in this original outlet.


Valet service is provided by the restaurant, so one does not have to worry where to park down the narrow street. The restaurant is decorated in a rather dark looking but stylish way. Cover is provided to protect bags during the meal. A hot cup of roasted tea is served upon sat down. Hot towel is also served too on a bamboo stand.


For lunch, it offers omakase sets priced at NT$1200, NT$1600, NT$2200, and NT$2800. Each set is about 8 to 10 course meal. Please note that there is also a service charge of 10%. As it has been quite awhile since I last dined here, I decide to take the NT$2200 set lunch. After deciding which set to take up, the staff goes through with about what item and style of cooking would I have for each course. All these information are keyed into the tablet as she speaks.


I start with Sashimi Moriawase, served on a bowl of crushed ice. There is shrimp, scallop, tuna, yellowtail and hirame.


2nd course is a serving of Sea Urchin on top of shredded Chinese Yam. An interestin combination as chinese yam is usually used as purée in Japanese dishes.


3rd course is Abalone Salad. Sliced abalone in a shell, on top of the salad. There is apple, dragon fruit, dou miao (first time I am having this salad), tomato, cucumber and lettuce, tossed with pozu dressing. Light and crunchy, but a bit too salty on the bottom. The additional of dou miao seems out of place in this dish.


4th course is the Grilled King Crab Leg. The leg is meaty and juicy. There is also roasted ginkgo nuts.


For palate cleanser, there is a small cup of sourness tasting seaweed.


5th course, there is Grilled Cod Fish which tastes very meaty and juicy. Best of all it is boneless. Oh I am now very full.


6th course, is Roasted Raw Beef, served with Pozu Sauce. Very tender and smooth piece of meat.


7th course, is deep fried shrimp which quite beautifully looking. I am expecting tempura prawn but it turns up without any batter.


Followed by the soup course which I have oyster soup. It is quite a big serving with a huge juicy oyster in it. Very plain looking, but full of flavours. Note that soup is non refillable as it is cooked upon order.

IMG_2219IMG_2223 IMG_2216IMG_2221
Lastly for dessert, there is a choice of hot red bean soup, black sesame ice-cream, matcha ice-cream and peanut ice-cream. I have selected black sesame ice-cream which served with a slice of very sweet rock melon. The ice-cream is very smooth and flavourful. It is served with a cup of light green tea. Hi all, a note here, if you ask nicely the staff maybe happy to serve you an additional serving of dessert.

Total damages per person : NT$2200+10%service charge = NT$2,420.


As one of us is having birthday today, the staff also serves us cakes. Extra service***!

PS: Remember to pay a visit to the restroom before you go off. The toilet seat is heated warmly and the cover can open automatically as one enters.

Mitsui Japanese Cuisine 三井日式料理
Address : No. 30, Nóng’ān St, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104 ‎台北市農安街30號
Tel : +886 2 2594 3394
Operating Hours : 11:30AM ~ 2:30PM (last order 2:00pm), 5:30AM ~ 10:30PM (last order 9:20pm)
Website :


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