SushiAirways 寿司航空 Sushibar


The restaurant is located at the second level of a shophouse in Kampung Glam. The restaurant is quite small with about 6 tables and counter seats.


But it is uniquely decorated like the interior of an airplane. The serving staffs are dressed like air crews.


Sitting by the window, one will have a great view of outside. It is also quite a surprise to see one’s name on the boarding pass on the booked table. Interesting.


We served green tea upon arrival (a choice of hot or cold version).


As for the Restaurant Week dinner menu ($35++/pax) :


We start with chawamushi which is served in a mini glass (more like a shot glass). The steam egg is topped with fish roe. In the steam egg, there is mushrooms. Tastes quite smooth and flavourful.


It is followed by sashimi which is served in a bowl of crushed ice. The sashimi pieces are sliced quite thickly.


Next, we have mini Anagodon (Anago穴子 Japanese salt water eels marinated with kabayaki sauce and grilled rice bowl). The grilled eel is quite juicy and soft, but the rice served with it is a bit dry and hard.

For main :


we have Miso Grilled Lamb Rack which is quite juicy and tender. Quite an unexpected dish to find in a Japanese restaurant.


Another dish is Nitsuke Fish which is actually braised fish. The fish is quite meaty and flavourful. The braised white carrot is very soft and fully soaked up the flavours. One letdown point is number of fish scales I find while eating this dish.


We are also served complimentary drinks too. So sweet.


We end the meal with a bowl of matcha ice cream, which is quite smooth in taste but lacking in depth of the natural green tea flavour.


On top of the set meal, we also have Soft Shell Crab Maki ($22) which is quite chucky with the freshly deep fried soft shell crab and taste quite unique with the spicy sauce. But feels that it is a bit expensive for just 4 pieces of maki.

Overall it is quite a unique place, but the price is a bit high than expected. But then again it is not easy to produce such a good meal with such a small kitchen.

SushiAirways 寿司航空 Sushibar
Address : 20A Baghdad Street, Singapore 199659
Tel : 6291 1151
Facebook :
Website :
Operating Hours : 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm, 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm

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