Ambush is a fast casual dining restaurant where diners can go for a taste of the European cuisine. Currently it has five outlets in Singapore, from Takashimaya Shopping Centre,Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Junction 8 Shopping Centre, Plaza Singapura, to the latest in JEM, the latest shopping mall in Singapore.


The place is decorated in a stylish contemporary feel.


Currently the restaurant is having a Oktoberfest special menu which includes the following.


CurryWurst ($18.50)
Berlin’s star pan seared bratwurst topped with curry-tomato dressing and accompanied with fresh onion, fries and mesclun salad. The bratwurst is quite juicy and full of flavours.


Schweinmedallion ($18.90)
Pan grilled sliced pork tenderloin in mushroom cream sauce, served with homemade spatzle and sauerkraut. The meat kind of reminds me of the pork knuckle minus the skin. The meat is quite tender but seems to be lacking of flavours. The spatzle and sauerkraut is quite a pick me up.


Chicken Gordon Bleu ($18.50)
Breaded chicken breast stuffed with smoked ham & cheese, served with mushroom cream sauce & spatzle. Although stuffed with cheese and ham, it does not taste too salty or too cheesy.


Besides the special menu, the usual menu also has quite a number of tasting dishes.


Roasted Pork Knuckle ($18/ half)
Served with sauerkraut, light brown sauce & mashed potato. The meat is quite tender and goes quite well with the brown sauce. But the crispy skin could be a bit too hard for some. The mashed potato is very soft and buttery.


Ambush’s Paella ($14.20)
A hot favourite with most is the Spanish paella filled with white clams, mussels, queen scallop, prawns, sliced bacon & sausages. The paella is very well cooked and flavourful. Although the serving looks small, but it is quite filling.


Poulet Roti ($17.20)
Roasted garlic and herb rubbed chicken leg with grainy mustard mash, yellow chanterelle mushrooms, reduced cream sauce & seasonal vegetables. The chicken is very tender and tears easily from bones. The mustard mash is quite strongly flavoured and is not quite agreed with some.


Char Grilled Lamb Saddle Steak (230g, bone-in, middle well) ($22.80)
Pan grilled bone-in lamb saddle loin served with potato puree, mint conserve, seasonal vegetables & balsamic veal jus. Due to the bone in the steak, the chef has the steak cooked in middle well. The steak is quite tender and nicely done, goes quite nicely with the brown sauce. The mint sauce on the other hand is quite strong on its own and could be a bit turn off for some.

If pasta is your dish, zoom in on the Italian section of the menu.


Baby Scallop & Flying Fish Roe – Squid Ink Sauce ($14.80)
This pasta dish is a hot favourite, served with sautéed Japanese baby hotates. The flying fish roe gives the pasta a crunchy texture with popping effect in the mouth. Very tasty.


Crispy Chicken & Seaweed – Aglio Olio Ambush Style ($13.00)
Sautéed onion, garlic, coriander, chilli flake & olive oil is used in flavouring the paste with deep-fried breaded chicken thigh & seaweeds served on top. The pasta is very tasty on it own but could be a bit oily for some.

As for desserts, there is quite a variety too.


Tiramisu ($6.80)
Homemade from the finest mascarpone cheese, Italian gourmet coffee and dusted with chocolate powder. It tastes not bad but the mascarpone cheese is a bit faint here.


Molten Chocolate Brownie ($6.80)

Heart melt chocolate brownie served warm with vanilla ice cream & whipped cream. Feel that the brownie is quite dry.


Apple Crisp ($6.80)
Crunchy crumpled apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream & caramel syrup. The apple pie is quite simple and crunchy with apple bits, and not too sweet.


Chocolate Lava Souffle ($8.80)
Warm & soft cake served with vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce. Firstly it should not have been called a soufflé as it is too hard to be one. Secondly there is no chocolate lava flowing out of the cake when cut. Overall it is more like a chocolate molten cake, topped with ice cream.


As for drinks, the place has a great variety of Fizzy Mocktail & Punch too.

From left :

Sun Riser ($5.50)

Orange juice, Lime juice, Grenadine syrup, & Lemon wheel

Lime Ricky ($5.50)

Lime juice, Mojito syrup topped with Soda & Lemon wedge

Tropical Sparkles ($5.90)

Pineapple juice, Mango juice, topped with Soda & twist of Lime

Shirley’s Temple ($5.90)

Grenadine syrup, Lime juice, topped with Soda & Maraschino Cherry

Green Apple Mojito ($5.50)

Sour green apple syrup, Mojito syrup, topped with Soda & Fresh mint leaves

Passion Mission ($5.90)

Passion fruit syrup, Tea liquid, topped with Soda & twist of Lime

Overall it is quite value for money deal to have meal here as the hearty main courses do not exceed $20 while pastas at average $13.

Address : #04-13/14 JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 608549
Tel : 66940895
Operating Hours : 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Website :
FB :


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