There are days when one just craves for a simple burger and fries (comfort food you know). But it can be quite difficult to find a place when one is a vegetarian or vegan. One just could not just pop into a McDonald’s or Burger King. Is there chicken salt in the fries? Is the oil used for deep frying the fries same as the one used for the chicken nuggets too? There is never ending questions to think about.
Introducing VeganBurg, a small growing fast food chain in Singapore, with 4 outlets island wide. Here the buns are made of organic wholemeal grains, raw sugar, natural sea salt and distilled water. And the patties contain no gluten, dairy, genetically modified organism (GMO), cholesterol, preservatives and transfat. Chinese vegetarians out there, please note that certain food items on the menu with the onion picture next to it contain onions.


The founding restaurant is located in a shophouse near Eunos MRT Station. The place decorated in a industrial safari theme to promote the idea of going green. I can’t help noticing the cute little chairs and table outside the restaurant, just nice for kids.

Along the side of the restaurant, there is a huge pinup board.

One can share with photos and others on it.

A poster which get my interest is this one which encourages one to clear up after eating. If you clear up, you may get a prize. Don’t forget.

A burger meal which consists of a burger, seaweed fries and drink is priced ranges from $8.85 for a Kiddie Meal Burger to a Smoky BBQ Burger Meal at $11.80. Besides burger and fries, there is also sides such as soup, salad, vegan franks, and handmade spinach pops priced at $3.90.

This month to celebrate the arrival of the musical blockbuster Starlight Express, it offers 2 new Starlight Express Burgers : Roxy Aioli and Mustang Relish.

Roxy Aioli ($7.90)
Packed between the fresh bun is a piece of vegan aioli sauce topped crunchy soy patty, topped with fresh crunchy lettuce and a slice of tomato. At the first bite, I am surprised that the soy patty is much better than expected. Firstly it looks like an average chicken patty. The texture feels like one and tastes like one too. I am expecting the type which is made of gluten that is usually sold as fish & chips in the vegetarian food stalls. Top with the creamy aioli sauce, it makes such a good and simple combination.

Mustang Relish ($6.90)
The soft bun holds a crispy soy patty drizzled with mustard and topped with hand-leafed lettuce, pickles. The burger is supposed to have slices of red onions too, but have removed at request to prevent an overwhelming of flavours. I always feel that mustard is too strong as sauce for burger, but combines with the strong flavoured pickles it kind balances the flavours.

Smoky BBQ & Nutty Satay Gourmet Dips ($1.20 each)
The gourmet dips comes in various flavours such as Cracked Mayo, Corn Mayo, Sassy Relish, Nutty Satay, Smoky BBQ, and Seasonal Special. The satay dip is very thick and flavourful, as well as, not too spicy. If there is some Ketupat rice to go with it, it will be even better. The BBQ sauce seems to be lacking a bit of flavour. I think could be meat juice or HL sauce is added to the usual type, whereas here is a vegan version so cannot compare.

Handmade Spinach Pops ($3.90)
Inside the deep fried golden balls, lies a tasty and soft fluffy mixture of potato mash, spinach and onion. The fried onions in the mixture enhanced the taste greatly. It is so tasty on its own that I feel there is no need for any sauce to dip it in. Furthermore the pops are freshly made every day at the central kitchen, which is why it tastes so good and fresh. No wonder it is the kids’ favourite. It has become my favourite too.

Vegan Franks ($3.90)
It looks, feels and tastes so much like the real thing, that one cannoot guess that it is made of tofu.

Overall this place is a good alternative for people who are vegan or plan to be one. A great place to start from, especially for those who can’t live without their junk food. Best of all kids will love it too. Based on the size of the crowd at the restaurant, I bet a lot of people think so too.

Address : 44 Jalan Eunos, Singapore 419502
Tel : 6844 6868
Operating Hours : Monday ā€“ Saturday and PH: 11:30am ā€“ 10:00pm (last order 9:45pm), Sunday: 10:30am ā€“ 10:00pm (last order 9:45pm)
Website :
FB :


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