Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie

Along Killiney Road, pops out a new French bakery. It is runs by is run by veteran baker Eran Mayer. The place can seat 75 (indoor and outdoor).


There is a small lift for wheelchair at the doorstep. Wow so friendly.


What’s a wide range of display of pastries! Yummy.


Portobello Sandwich ($9.80)

The bread is so buttery and fluffy. The vegetables is so juicy and flavourful.


Kumara & Bleu Quiche (Sweet Potatoes & Bleu) ($6.00)

Interesting having a sweet potato quiche. Combined with the strong cheese, it balances out the sweet taste.


Kougloff ($5.80/ small)

There is also a large version which costs about $20. It is like a bell shaped bread dusted even with icing sugar. A bit hard on the outside. Inside it is fluffy bread with orange rinds and nuts.


Raspberry Tart ($8.00)

The crust is light and crunchy. Its sweet taste balance the slightly sour raspberry taste.


Hot Chocolate ($6.50)

Mmmm. Very thick and chocolaty. Not easy find a good cup of chocolate, especially most places end up tastes like a cup of Milo.


Earl Grey Lavender ($5.00)

The tea served here is in bag form and tastes quite flavourful.


Such good food, combined with comfy seat, time passes very easily here.

Total damages = $41.10 (No GST or service charge here)

Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie
Address : 118 Killiney Road #01-01, Singapore 239555
Tel : 6444 1986
Website :


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