Wing Seong Fatty’s Restaurant

Located behind Sim Lim Square, one can easily miss this place while walking pass. Eating here has been ranked #70 of 554 things to do in Singapore City by Lonely Planet travellers. One may thought it is a tourist trap at first glance, due to the huge number of non local people dining in here.



It is quite popular with Australians ( could be due to the fact that there is a write up on the restaurant on the inflight Australian Weekend Magazine ). Not a big place, but one can dine indoor or outdoor. The place is quite old looking, with no frills service.



The walls are decorated with pictures of story of the original Fatty and various photos of Qantas air planes. The original Fatty has since passed away and the restaurant is now run by his son Skinny.


Jumbo Spring Rolls – $3 each
This dish is a hot favourite of everyone (One even orders extra for takeaway). Unlike the usual filling of carrots and turnips, here it is heavily stuffed with bean sprouts, chives, fried egg. Just dip it in sweet flour sauce, it taste so crunchy and juicy.


Fried “Kway Teow” with Gravy – $14 (large)
The Kway Teow is very smooth and separates easily. Overall very tasty dish with wok feel.


Belachan Fried Rice – $14 (large)
Expecting that it will be a spicy fried rice, but there is no hint of spicyness or the belachan taste. Maybe to cater the tourists’ taste bud, the spicyness has toned down alot. But it is still a well cooked fried rice.


Homemade Bean Curd – $22 (large)
A rather smooth tasting bean curd, topped with mushrooms.


Chicken in Prawn Paste – $22 (large)
Tender chicken mid wings, but the prawn paste taste has been rather faint here.


Black Pepper Beef – $22 (large)
The slices of beef are huge and very tender, not overpowered by the strong sweet black pepper sauce.


Fried Prawn with Oats – $37 (large)
What is unsual about this dish is that the prawns are served peeled. Most places served the prawns unpeeled so that the serving would look nice and big. After deep frying, the prawn looks like a huge ball. So one can imagine how huge the prawns must be to use in this dish. The prawns taste juicy inside and crispy outside with the crispy crumbles around.


Fried Vegetables with Meat – $16 (large)
A interesting dish of stir fried green leafy vegetables. Dried flat fish is grinded into a fine powder and together with oyster sauce to use to create this simple dish with its light and unique taste.


Sweet and Sour Pork – $22 (large)
The sauce and the pork cubes taste not bad, but I would prefer the pork cubes to come with a more crispy texture on the outside, while tender inside. It seems the crispyness has gone when served.

Wing Seong Fatty’s Restaurant
Address : #01-34 Burlington Square, 175 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189649
Tel : 63381087
Operating Hours : 12noon – 2.30pm, 5pm – 10.10pm


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