Twelve Cupcakes

Twelve Cupcakes is the number one cupcakery in Singapore with about 11 outlets in Singapore. Each cupcakes costs $3, but there is closing promotion. If one buys 4 pieces, you will get 2 pieces free, which means half dozen costs $12.


The cupcakes are packed into a pretty bright pink box.


With slots to hold each cupcakes firmly in the box.


The most popular cupcake : Red Velvet
Fluffy vanilla cream cheese on a classic red velvet.
The cream cheese is more buttery and creamy than cheesey. It tastes rather faint of the cheese. As for the cake, it tastes like chocolate sponge.


Cookies and Cream
Another Best Seller! Vanilla buttercream with oreo crumbles on a moist chocolate cupcake, topped with a Oreo Chunk.


Today’s Special : Coconut
Coconut Infused Buttercream on a Light Coconut Flavoured Cake baked with Coconuts topped with a fondant.


Chocolate Vanilla
Chocolate cream cheese on a light vanilla cupcake, topped with Colourful Punchouts. Kids love the bright sprinkles. Parents love that there isn’t too chocolate.


Vanilla Chocolate
Fluffy vanilla cream cheese on a moist chocolate cupcake with a Chocolate Drizzle. A simple combination that works!


PB Jelly
Fluffy peanut butter frosting on a light vanilla cupcake, encircling a dollop of jelly. Yummy combination!

Total damages = $12.

Twelve Cupcakes
Address : 200 Victoria Street, #B1-03B Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
Operating Hours : 10am – 10pm Daily
Website :


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