Crystal Jade Ginseng Chicken And BBQ

Crystal Jade is a relatively well known restaurant chain in Singapore. Especially for its dim sum at its flagship outlet Crystal Jade Palace. One should make reservation for a table in order to enjoy the delicious dim sum during the weekend lunch time, as it is always packed.

Next to it, lies another Crystal Jade restaurant called Crystal Jade Ginseng Chicken And BBQ. Once a upon a time, Singapore is hit by a Korean Craze due to the hit Korean drama serial Jewel In The Palace. The show, which is set in the Chosun dynasty (14th ~ 19th centuries), is based on the true story of Suh Jang Geum, who works her way up from a royal cook to become the first imperial female physician in Korea. Riding on the interest on dishes once served in the royal court, Crystal Jade launched an Imperial Set Menu that required a minimum order of 4 persons and a day notice period.

8 years later, the restaurant is still standing around with its special set menu but not as crowded as it used to be. The place is still same as it was in same, except more rundown. Dull wallpaper, uncomfortable seats. Long overdue for some makeover.

The staffs are dressed in a mixture of korean traditional looking clothes or the usual crystal jade uniform. They are quite helpful, and made sure the table is ready before one steps into it.

Tonite we are having the Promotion Set Menu For 2 Persons B ($59++), thank to recommendation by the staff.

Korean Side Dishes ( Usual : $10++)
It consists of 6 different side dishes : kimchi, kimchi white carrot, kimchi fish cake, seasoned spinach, seasoned bean sprouts, pan fried sweet potato cake. The kimchi white carrot is way too sweet that there is no kimchi taste at all. As for the sweet potato cake, it is quite oily and quite chewy.

Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables
It is actually stirred fried Xiao Bai Cai with garlic. I am quite surprised to see this dish in a Korean restaurant. Seems abit out of place. The plate of green leafy vegetables is overflowed with oil, very oily.

Grilled Mackerel (Usual : $16++)
Although the fish looks rather thin, it is actually quite chunky with sweet tasting meat with just a squeeze of lemon juice on top. There is also soya sauce for one to dip with. Beware of its thin and long bones, there is plenty in the fish.

Assorted Rice in Stone Cattle (Pork) (Usual : $18++)
Orignally beef is used in this dish, but I have it replaced with pork. The staff is quite helpful in mixing up the dish and served us in small bowls. Very colourful dish with lots of vegetables in it. One complaint is that the rice is rather hard and dry.

Authentic Ginseng Chicken Soup 삼계탕 (Usual : $25++)
Commonly known as Samgyetang, which consists of a whole young chicken (stuffed with Korean sticky rice (chapsal)) and Korean ginseng. If one wish to have additional soup, you have to topup $6++ more. The soup is really quite flavourful, with very tender chicken meat. The garlic and ginko nut are both very soft with a melt in your mouth texture. There is also chicken salt available for one to dip the meat with.

Complimentary Fruit
Served slices of not sweet watermelon and honey dew.

Total damages (includes 3 serving of Korean tea at $1++ each) = $72.95

Overall the food seems abit out of place for such a high end place.

Address : 391 Orchard Road, #04-20 Ngee Ann City, Singapore
Tel: 6733-3229
Opening hours: 11.30am to 3pm, 5.30 to 10.30pm (Mon to Thu); 11am to 11pm (Fri to Sun & public holidays)


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