Signature Stone Restaurant 招牌石锅饭店

Tonite I am invited to a food tasting session by OpenRiceSG at a relatively newly opened restaurant called Signature Stone Restaurant. It is quite near to Tiong Bahru MRT station, about 5minutes walk away. The restaurant is in the centre of a row of rather old shophouses, surrounded by old HDB flats nearby.

The restaurant is quite simple and no frills in decoration, with traditional Chinese tables and chairs.

Due to her love for her kids, the lady boss has come up with serving claypot rice in stone pot. Although similar to claypot, stone pot can help to keep the rice warm throughout the meal.

Stone Pot Bacon & Cheese Rice ($10.90)
Bacon, mushroom, herbs with cheese.
It smells quite nice with the cheese melting. Remember to mix quickly as the rice crisps forms quite easily at the bottom. Lastly remember to finish the dish quickly as the rice can get quite dry and hard as it cools down.

Stone Pot Chicken ($5.30)
Special marinated chicken, salted fish, sausage, mushroom and vegetables.

Stone Pot Slice Pork ($5.60)
Special marinated slice pork, salted fish, sausage, mushroom and vegetables.
This is one of my favourite rice dishes with extremely tender sliced pork. The pork flow smoothly down my throat. What a feeling.

Served with special homemade special chilli sauce. I feel the chilli sauce is a bit too salty for me. Remember to add black soya sauce to the rice for enhanced flavour. Service here is quite good as staff will help you to mix the rice.

Stone Pork Chicken, Longans & Black Bean Soup (Big – $12.40)
Chicken, dried longan, black beans and slice licorice.
This is quite a delicious soup with big pieces of chicken in it, plus assorted mushrooms in it.

Wine Chicken ($8.00)
This dish is served boiling hot. The chicken in the dish is cut into small cubes and tastes quite tender. The soup tastes quite full body, and ends with a hint of spiciness due to the use of dried chilli.

Onion Cheese Mushroom Omelette ($6.00)
Beware of this simple looking omelette, the cheese in it melted into nothing, but enhances its simple taste.

Mango Ice Cream ($2.60)
We finish the meal with ice-cream made by the lady boss. The ice-cream is quite tasty with minced mango flesh in every bites.

Signature Stone Restaurant 招牌石锅饭店
Address : 729 Havelock Road, Singapore 169649
Tel : 6271 9918
Website :
FB :
Operating Hours : 11am – 10pm


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