Cake Spade

A relative new small cake shop by Zenn which opens at Orchid Hotel. The place is quite small with about 4 tables.

Zenn fell in love with baking ten years ago when her mother taught her how to bake her first cake. Her hobby soon became a small home-baking business where she sold her cakes to family and friends. With a need for a bigger oven and storefront, she opens this outlet.

Cakes and pastries are made without chemical stabilizers and shortenings. Cake Spade offers yummy grab-and-go desserts and drinks such as Nutella Fudge Crumble, Banana Berry Crumble, Oreo Cookie Brownies, Double Chocolate Brownies & AriZona flavoured teas!

HummingBird Cake ($5.90/ Slice)
It is a cake mostly sweeten with fruits such as bananas, pineapples and coconut. Every bite makes one hums with delight, which is why it is called hummingbird. It is a very moist and flavourful cake, as well as not too sweet.

Red Velvet Cake ($5.90/ Slice)
It is actually chocolate sponge cake with cream cheese filling. The cake is rather dense for me. I would prefer more cream cheese as I feel the chocolate is a bit too much.

Cake Spade
Website :
Address : 1 Tras Link, #01-06, Orchid Hotel Singapore, Singapore 078867
Tel : 6444 3868
Instagram :


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