Bangkok Jam

Today the family decides to come here for dinner, after a afternoon of shopping in Orchard. Mom feels that we should be able to get a table quite easily here as there is not much of a crowd the last time we past by the place during dinner time.

The place is less than half filled when we reach there. We are shown to a square table by the door. Unique design of table as we are able to put our bags under the table. The menu is in a piece of board form, 2 sided.

The lighting of the place is quite poor, with poster decorating the walls.

The lamp on top of our table is quite unique in a strange way.

Like it that it is quite kid friendly.

Avocado Milk Shake ($7.00++)
At first plan to order Blended Fresh Coconut ($7) but is told there is no coconut today instead. So order Avocado Milk Shake. It tastes quite thick and milky but not enough of the avocado taste.

Deep-fried Green Papaya Salad ($9.90++)
The word ‘Deep-fried’ catches my attention. I eat a number of green papaya salad but never have a deep fried version before. At the top it tastes alright with the crispy vegetables, but get extremely salty at bottom as all dressing is at the bottom and causes the vegetables at the bottom to be too well seasoned. Therefore the dish is not well mixed.

Chicken Wings Stuff with Mushroom and Glass Noodle ($10.90++)
It tastes not bad with its crunchy fillings and goes well with sweet Thai Chilli sauce.

Seafood with Pineapple Fried Rice ($11.50++)
The dish is uniquely presented in a stone bowl. It tastes not bad, but I prefer it with with more juicy pineapple cubes, with a dash meat floss on top.

Stir-fried Egg Noodle with Bacon and Crabmeat ($11.90++)
It is a simple and well cooked dish. The only problem is I cannot find crabmeat but there is much bean sprouts.

Mango Sticky Rice ($8.90++)
The sticky glutinous rice is served hot and tastes soft, chewy sweet. The mango slices is topped with thick coconut milk. The fruit is sweet but tastes a bit too much.

Banana Tempura with Hot Campera Sauce, served with vanilla ice-cream. ($9.90++)
I like the crispiness and softness of the deep fried banana although I prefer it to be crispier.

Total amount for 3 paxs is $84.27.

Bangkok Jam
Address : 501 Orchard Road, #02-04/06, Singapore 238880
Tel : 68360989
Website :

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