Aussie Roll

Long queue after work at this place. Why? ‘Cos got promotion! If you buy 2 sushi rolls, you will get the 3rd roll free. Here the sushi rolls are not the usual supermarket type nor are they the restaurant type. They are in a class of their own being fat size with chunky filling. Prices range from $2.60 to $2.80. The staff will slice up the rolls and pack them into box after you made your selections. Soyu, wasabi, and chopsticks are available at the counter next to the cashier. Help yourself to it.

Smoked Salmon in Cream Cheese ($2.80), Salmon Avocado ($2.80), Mix Seafood ($2.80)

King Prawn ($2.80)
Breaded prawn with mayo.

Garlic King Prawn ($2.80)
Breaded prawn with garlic sauce.

Spicy Soy Chicken ($2.80)

All taste very nice but remember don’t be like me buy too much then got problem finishing.

Total damages : $11.20

Aussie Roll
Address : #B1-04A Chevron House, 30 Raffles Place, Singapore 048622
Tel : 67463077
Website :


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