ToTT Bistro


ToTT is a 36,000 square feet store that offers a huge range of dining and kitchenware products.



You could even get baby chair and chef’s uniform here. There is also cooking class being conducted here regularly. Currently ToTT is having Great Singapore Sale, so there is discount off the displayed prices. Please take note of this.


While exploring the place, I found this unique machine called THERMOMIX (World’s Smallest Kitchen). It cooks by itself. It allows weighing, cutting, chaffing, kneading, stirring and heating – in one pot. By the way, it nearly cleans itself too. Good isn’t it. But also not cheap as it costs a cool $3,371.60.


Today I am invited to a food tasting by OpenRice at TOTT Bistro. ToTT Bistro offers comfort food designed by its consultant, Chef Sam Leong. Currently TOTT Bistro has new dishes developed by its new resident Chef Clarence Chong, who has 30 years of experience, working in various hotels.


Esprit ($3.80)
There is a choice of Passionfruit, Raspberry, Orange Tangerine and Lemon Lime flavours available. I have a raspberry one which tastes like fruity soda drink and not too sweet.


Truffle Fries with Duo Dips ($7.90)
The fries is served in a paper wrapped as cone, served with 2 sauces by the side. The fries is quite is quite tasty with truffle oil and soft inside but would prefer it to be more crispy.


Oriental Pizza ($12.90)
It is served pipping hot with the bonito flakes moving about. With seaweed, bonito flakes, sesame seeds as toppings and teriyaki sauce on the pizza, the pizza tastes rather Japanese style. Being a pan pizza, the base is not like the usual bread like type. Instead it is crispy inside. The most unique about this pizza is marinated spinach as topping on the pizza. It is my first time having a spinach pizza. Kind of sound like Popeye the Sailor Man’s kind of food. 🙂


Fish Fingers with Wasabi Mayonnaise ($7.90)
The fish finger is very crispy and crunchy, but would prefer it with a more mouthful of fish filling inside. I prefer it to serve with the traditional tartar sauce.


Chicken Ramen ($12.90)
The ramen used here seen to be the dried, packed type, as it is thin and short in length. It is quite kids’ friendly. The flavoured egg is very flavourful and reminds me of homemade dark soya sauce egg. It is tasty but not the usual Japanese ramen standard the thick and creamy type. The crispy fried chicken is surprising spicy, so kids take note of it.


Tempura Mango ($3.00)
The tempura has very smooth and creamy filling, encased within a thin and crispy batter. However it is quite oily, based on the patches of oil left on the plate. If there is a scoop of coconut ice-cream to go with this warm dessert, I think it will be wonderful.

Thank you OpenRice for inviting to such a unique place for lunch.

ToTT Bistro
Address : 896 Dunearn Road 01-01A, Singapore 589472
Tel : 62197077
Operating Hours : 10.30am – 9.00pm ( Mon – Fri ), 9:30am – 9:00pm ( Sat, Sun & PH )
Website :
FB :


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