World Street Food Congress Jamboree

The World Street Food Congress is the first of its kind in the world which celebrates our most beloved street food culture, also aims to preserve artisanal craft and heritage, professionalise and create new possibilities in the industry. The event will help to open up ideas through three components.


World Street Food Congress Jamboree is a 10-day mega street food fiesta featuring over 35 street food masters from 10 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, China, Mexico, United States and Denmark. These are the hawkers whose culinary skills and generations-old heritage have been recognised by the locals. They are the best representatives of their country and are ready to bring their legacies to a new level.


From Stall No.18 : La Guerrerense from Mexico -> Seafood Tostada ($10)

Very small serving, taste a bit spicy.


From Stall No.17 : Euro Trash Food Cart from USA -> Soft Shell Crab Burger ($12)


They call themselves the EuroTrash and their food stays true to that reputation. These guys are hailed in Portland, Oregan’s bustling food truck city, specialising in creatively trashy European and American cuisine. The signature Soft Shell Crab Burger comes with an ultra crispy and juicy deep fried soft shell crab, served with spicy mayo-yoghurt sauce in betwee the toasty buns. If you’ve got some extra room, ask chef Charles Thomas for an addition of beef patty.

The burger is very small and miserable looking one. Not worth the amount paid for.


From Stall No.1 : Meyers Kokken from Denmark -> Porc Sandwich ($14)

A burger filled with a thick slice of pork, pickled red cabbage, apple slices, sauce and huge pieces of crispy pork fat! My favourite of all the dishes.


From Stall No.4 : Hoy Tord Chao Lay from Thailand -> Hoy Tord ($8)

Oyster, fried eggs, rice flour

A lot of egg, not as much starch as our local version. The stir fried bean sprouts is very tasty.


From Stall No.30 : Nam Bo Sticky Rice Banana from Vietnam -> Chuoi Nuong ($4)

It has a smoky and coconut taste.


From the Stall No.27 : The Swamp Snack from USA -> Shrimps & Grits ($10)

Not quite like the taste of grits as it reminds me of baby food.


From Stall No.23 : Kue Pancong from Indonesia -> Kue Pancong & Kue Pukis ($4)


Carts selling Kue Pancong and Kue Pukis are found everywhere in Indonesia. There is a reason why these cakelettes are in high demand – it’s difficult to make and moreish. Kue Pancong comes with desiccated bits of freshly shredded coconut which is crunchy, light ( no coconut milk is used) and savoury with a tad sweetness from sugar topping. Kue Pukis is fluffy and sweet like a pancake. These two make up a perfect match and will satisfy any puckish and sweet tooth.

Both are very tasty, but I prefer Kue Pukis as it has a bit of salty taste.


You can get drinks from the stalls at $2 onwards.

World Street Food
Website :
Address : F1 Pit Building & Paddock, 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore 038975
Date : 31 May 2013 – 9 June 2013
Operating Hours : 11am – 10pm
FB :


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