Loola’s by awfullychocolate

Today I am attending an event called Elle Girls’ Day Out with Darlie, organized by Elle magazine.

The place is quite small but has a good view of Marina Bay Sands if you are sitting by the window.

The programme starts with talks by the following :

Makeup Guru Larry Yeo shares tips on skincare essentials and makeup.

BiBi Chia shares informative information about vegetables.

Professional photographer Joel Lim showing us how to get the best pose for pictures.

To show the effectiveness of Darlie’s latest product Darlie Expert White, we have hand on testing using the product and a normal toothpaste.

From picture 1, we are given a box of items for the testing.
The blue paste in picture 3 is the Darlie Expert White, while the white paste in picture 2 is normal toothpaste.
From picture 4 & 5, mix the 2 small cups of toothpaste with a bit of water each.
A enamel tablet (picture 6) is each put into the solution to simulate the effect on teeth for 3 seconds. Follow by a soak in clean water.
Follow by soaking the tablets in tea for 5 seconds ( picture 8 ).
From picture 9, the tablet on the left which is soaked in Darlie Expert White is much whiter.

Wow will you start using Darlie Expert White now?
You can find more information from Darlie ( http://www.darlie.com.sg).

Besides the above, there is also free flow of hot coffee/ tea from The Bar

It seems the place is unprepared for such an event as my serving of Earl Grey tea is served in a mug, while most have their served in teapots. Service here is abit slow, as I waited quite awhile for my drink. The Flat White and the Cappuccino taste average and do not smell strong.

From the Hot Kitchen,

French Toast Cubes with Caramelised Apple & Cream
The apple is very soft and flavourful.
Crsipy Duck Crepe
Should not have called crepe as it is served on toast and extremely hard one.
Soft Tofu Fritters on Seasame Dressing
Quite interesting take on tofu.
Scallops with Salted Egg Emulsion & Ikura
The scallop is a bit dry but the sauce make up for it.

From the Bake Shop, there is Hazel Crumble which is quite soft and smooth except for the rather hard base.

Loola’s by awfullychocolate
Website : http://www.loolas.sg
Address : 8 Raffles Avenue, #02-14 Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore 039802
Tel : 6336 9563
Operating Hours : 12noon – 10pm ( Sun – Thu ), 12noon – 12midnight ( Fri, Sat )


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