Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro


Today I have a gathering here. It is my first time coming to a Swedish Café in Singapore, besides the Ikea Restaurant. And it is a Halal one too, which you could bring your Muslim friends to.


Swedish Apple Tea ($6.90)

I order an iced tea, which looks like a glass of normal iced tea with bright green coloured syrup. A very colourful drink. A bit off my expectation. I am not expecting the green colour part.

The drink turns into a rather ugly green after stirring. Taste wise it is still acceptable.

Toast Skagen – Fika style ($18.50/ chilled)
Shrimp, smoked salmon, mayonnaise, Swedish roe, lemon and dill. Served with a salad.
It is very well presented, but serving is quite small compares to other dishes. The filling is juicy and well marinated. But the toast is hard and difficult to cut through.

For those who like pasta, the serving here is huge. Please take note that iced water is chargeable at 50 cents a glass.

Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro
Address : #01-02, Millenia Walk (Opposite Conrad Hotel), Singapore 039596
Tel : 63367234
Website :
Operating Hours : 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
FB :


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