Tsujiri 辻利茶屋

A 150-year old Japanese Tea House, from Uji, Kyoto, Tsujiri Tea House has opened its first outlet in Singapore offering a selection of green-tea based desserts and beverages.

I am looking for a small bite before lesson when I notice a promotion at this café. Currently by liking TSUJIRI SIngapore’s facebook page, you stand to receive a free topping on any purchase of TSUJIRI’s lattes, ice blendeds, parfaits or soft ice creams.

Chiffon Cake Parfait (Vanilla) ($7.20)

Currently there is also a point card system. Each purchase ABOVE $6 would get one “stamp”. 5 stamps gets one free topping , 10 stamps gets 20% discount while 15 stamps gets any free item on the menu. So come on down and start collecting your stamps! The expiry date is one year from the issued date. The issued date will be the date you get your first stamp.

Address : 100 Tras Street, #01-14 100AM, Singapore 079027
Tel : 6543 6110
Operating Hours : 10am – 10pm
Website : http://tsujiri.sg/
FB : http://www.facebook.com/tsujiri.sg

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