Menji Sanji Singapore 麺屋三士

The shop is small and traditional looking Japanese style, with old Japanese pop music playing at the background. A Kagoshima style noodle house , established in 1972 in Kagoshima caught the attention of some noodle enthusiasts and they engaged the owners of this restaurant to share this recipe with them. They wanted to bring this particular taste of Kagoshima style noodles outside Kagoshima so with their support, they established the first Menya Sanji noodle house in Yokohama, August 2006. Menya Sanji aims to spread the taste of Kagoshima ramen to the world through opening this shop.

Looking at the menu, I decide on set A ($13.00) as I could get a choice of ramens ( Sanji Ramen, Gyokai Leek Ramen, Spicy Ramen, Black Sesame Ramen) and a char siew rice bowl.

Signature Ramen : Sanji Ramen 三士拉麺
The most popular ramen in the shop. The cook has simmered pork bone with vegetables for several hours to create a soup that is creamy and rich in flavour. Wheat noodles, sliced roast pork, boiled egg that has been marinated in soy sauce is added to the pork broth and combined with menma(bamboo shoots), bean sprout and kikurage (edible fungi.) Finally thinly sliced leeks are added on top to create a perfect balance of flavor.

The soup is very milky and not as salty as some of the ramen places in Singapore, which somehow reminds me of milky fish soup. The egg kind of disappoints me as there is no lava like yolk type. The char siew is not bad but would be better if it is more tender.

Roasted pork rice

Chopped char siew on top of plain rice with dark soya sauce . Very tasty soft plain rice. Only thing I am expecting special char siew sauce, not normal dark soya sauce. A bit letdown here.


Freshly grounded black pepper, finely minced bonito flakes, spicy pickled vegetables for topping on the table.

Total damages : $15.30

MENYA SANJI Singapore 麺屋三士
FB :
Website :
Address : , 1 Tras Link, #01-14 Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867
Tel : 6604 8891
Operating Hours : 11:30pm – 3:00pm, 5:30pm – 11:00pm Daily


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