Tom N Toms Coffee 탐앤탐스

Very colourful decorated place.

Even the table is decorated with its logo. Cute.

A pager is given after order is made and paid for at the counter.

Green Tea TomNccino 그린티탐앤치노 ($6.20/ tall size, 343.4kcal)
Non-Coffee Beverage blended with Rich Green Tea Flavour 커피가 첨가 되지 않으며 녹차의 진한 맛과 향이 우유와 함께 블렌딩한 음료
Taste is bland and lack of flavour. A rather disappointing drink.

Corn Pretzel 콘프레즐 ($6.30, 1014.4kcal)
Pretzel baked with Majo, Sweet Corn and Cheddar Cheese 고소한 마요네즈와 스위트콘, 깊고 진한 맛의 체다 치즈가 잘 어울리는 프레즐

Crispy hot and creamy in taste. Taste a bit sour in the creamy part.

Total damages : $12.50

Tom N Toms Coffee
Website :
FB :
Address : #01-97/99 ICON VILLAGE, 12 Gopeng Street, Singapore 078877
Tel : 6225-6313
Operating Hours : 7am – 10pm


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