A Noodle Story

Gwern Khoo is one of the guys behind this stall. He had been cooking professionally for the past few years in some of the best restaurants in the world. To have a better work-life balance, he changed his job from fine-dining chef to becoming a ramen guy. Inspired by modern European techniques and Asian flavours, A Noodle Story was born after much relentless refinement to the recipe. This simple yet complicated dish is specially created to suit the local taste buds.

Super springy noodles tossed in special aromatic dressing accompanied with Hong Kong-style wontons, soy-flavoured hot spring egg, meltingly-tender cha-su and a crispy potato-wrapped prawn. Beautifully garnished with freshly sliced scallions and red pepper. ($5.00)
There is also $6 and $7 version.

A beautifully presented dish. I am kind of disappointed when I realized the noodle used is just the type used in wantan mee. Like been mislead by the word ramen. The sauce in the noodle is interesting, reminds me of XO sauce. The wanton is filled with fresh and juicy prawn, but has too much pepper in it. The soup accompanied the noodles also has too much pepper.

The crispy potato-wrapped prawn looks a bit over deep fried. It tastes very crispy with fresh and juicy prawn in it.

The cha-su looks Japanese style and is tender, but not tender enough to have a melt in the mouth texture. For a $5 one dish meal, it is not a big serving. I am still not full.

A Noodle Story
Website : http://anoodlestory.com/
Address : 7 Maxwell Road, #01-39 Amoy Street Food Centre, Singapore 069111
Operating Hours : 10am – 7.30pm (Mon – Fri)
FB : https://www.facebook.com/ANoodleStory


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