Nowadays it is very common to use Paypal as mode of payment when making online purchases. You just need to create a paypal account online and link it to your bank accounts or credit cards, no matter which part of the world you are in. Very easy to use and very easy to get hack into, which I just have the bad luck to find out.

I am surprised to find an email from Paypal today, stating that I have just made payment online this morning. In truth it has been more than a year since I last used Paypal. Calling the customer service of Paypal is a very brain draining standard operating procedure. And you need passcode which generated online and lasts for 60 minutes. The staff on the phone does not ask much questions. The answer is they will investigate and wait for their reply by email. That’s it? Maybe I am expecting too much.

This is not the first something like this happens to me. 2 years ago something similar too happened. Paypal, I am losing faith in you.


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