Sushi Express 爭鮮迴轉壽司

I heard a lot about this sushi outlet from Taiwan. When it was first opened in Singapore, one plate cost $1. Now it is $1.50 per plate, still very cheap comparing to similar outlets. The Kaburi Chefs make more than 60 varieties of sushi and sashimi fresh on the spot.

Wow a lot of varieties.

Make your own free flow tea.

For sushi :

Yellow Tail, 黃金鯡魚 (子持ちにしん / Herring with Capelin Roe), 燒炙鮭魚肚 (焼サーモンハラス / Grilled Salmon Belly), 蒲燒星鰻 (穴子蒲焼 / Grilled Conger Eel)

For Maki :

Hana Maki, 螺肉 (粒キムチ / Top Shell with Kimchee Sauce), 代鮑沙拉 (鮑風いかサラダ / Imitation Abalone salad) , 墨西哥龍蝦起士 (メキシコ風ロブスターサラダ / Cheese Lobster with Mexican Style Sauce)

For side dishes :

鮮魚味噌湯 (魚と豆腐の味噌汁 / Miso Soup with Fish Meat and Tofu)
For this value, I could find salmon in the soup. Feel like takeaway as it is served paper bowl.

代鮑沙拉 (鮑風いかサラダ / Imitation Abalone salad), 章魚 (たこ / Boiled Octopus)

Total damages for 12 plates : $21.20

Overall very tasty and value for money. Good service.

Please note there is a time limit of an hour during peak hours.
Sushi Express 爭鮮迴轉壽司
Address : 1 Raffles Link, #B1-23 Citylink Mall, Singapore 039393
Tel : 6238-9811
FB :
Website :
Operating Hours : 11:00 am – 9:30 am


One thought on “Sushi Express 爭鮮迴轉壽司

  1. Today by the date of 9th jan 2014 , 8.45pm. I went to sushi express at city link mall to dine in with my another 2 friend as I wanted to introduced them to try out the fresh sushi I tried during the previous visit . But unfortunately this visit gave me a bad experience and bad dining process . When I just sat down to dine for 15 mins , the chef starts to clear all the sushi at the section where we are sitted, so I thought the shop is closed . After I checked with the staff I came to know that the section is closed . So I quetion the staff why are we been assited to the section that are closed , so is it that your outlet does not train your host nor staff to sit the customer rightly ? So I requested to question the manager and hoping for a explanation. Instead of giving me an explanation , your manager by the name of Andrew for the shift replied me by asking me ” why not you tell me what you want me to do ?” I am surprised on the way your manager handle this complaint and asking your customer what we want ? So am I right to ask you I can dont pay the full bill ? I am not asking you for a discount or any promotion . But instead I wanted an explantion to cover my question and unsatisfaction on the visit . And adding to the worst when I decide to make payment the manager told me there will be discount make to my bill but there is no adjustment make and your manager and staff is having their misunderstanding conflict infront of me . When the full bill is already deducted from my bank account but your manager return me the full amount by cash by saying as apology . I really need a explanation for all the unusual mistake .

    Server – Hui Min
    Bill : A275864
    21 sushi SGD $31.50

    Enna ( Miss)

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