Yummi Bites

Our 9th and second last pit stop of the Food Trail.

This outlet is known for its fritters. It is among the row of quick snacks, facing KFC.

Wow. Can we choose what we want? No all are pre packed.

Chicken Curry Bomb, Durian Seedless (Seasonal), Cheese
Chicken Curry Bomb ($2/ pc or $3.50/ 2pcs)
Looks like a curry puff in batter form.

Durian Seedless (Seasonal) ($2.50)

100% Cheese ($1.10)
I am expecting a lava flow of melted cheese. But it is a solid piece of cheese in it.

Overall the batter for fritter is thin. Feel that baking powder is used here to make the crispiness last long. The shapes of various items look similar to each other. Mom remarks should have something like heart shape or star shape to be different from others.

Yummi Bites
Address : Bugis Junction B1-K5, 200 Victoria Street B1-K5 Singapore 188021
Tel : 6556 1423
FB : http://www.facebook.com/yummibites
Website : http://www.yummibites.com.sg/products.html

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