Kazokutei 株式会社家族亭

5th pit stop, we finally make it to the half way mark.

A udon outlet from Japan, established since 1947. One of the most well known brands of Udon from Osaka, with over 200 outlets in Japan.

All of us are having the same tasting dish.

Zaru Udon
Very cold and refreshing, especially when we are just out from a very hot place. Cool us down at once. Texture of the udon is smooth and chewy.

Zaru Soba
Not as cold as the udon, but still refreshing. I like this better than the udon as it goes down the throat more smoothly.

Salmon sushi, Scallop sushi, Inari sushi, Tamago slice with a couple of slices of sushi ginger in the background
The sushi just taste so-so. Forgettable.

Website : http://www.kazokutei.com.sg
Tel : 6338 0187
Address : 200 Victoria Street, #02-49 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021

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