Astons Specialities

Just out from library, wanting to find a place for dinner. Walking about in Bugis+. By the time we reach here, a queue is formed. Thinking of whether should change another place. When we look down, the queues in other places are just as bad. So stick to here.

We place our order while queuing up. One of us, C wants to order Specialty Tea ($1.50), and asked about it. The staff cannot answer back and we have to send him back to find out. Later he is back with a choice of Earl Grey or English Breakfast. C selected English Breakfast. But while we taking our seat, we are informed that the there is no English Breakfast tea, so C changes to Earl Grey, served in a mug with tea bag.

I am having Hot Milk ($1.50) as it is raining, want to something to keep me warm. A lot of foam, looking come out from the coffee machine.

Black Pepper Fish ($8.50)
The black pepper sauce is very thick and salty. I have to scrape it off the fish, else the fish cannot make it. The House Salad is quite an amount. Mac & Cheese is very good, not too salty but still cheesy.

Grilled Fish with Herb ($8.50)
Served with Garden Veggies & Baked Potato. C who is having clearly like the baked potato as she even wants to finish off the skin. The vegetable is overcooked and yellow.

Hickory BBQ Chicken ($7.90)
Served with Potato Wedges & Coleslaw.

Grill Fish with Herb ($8.50)
Served Coleslaw & Mashed Potato.
My friend who is having like the mashed potato a lot.

Total damages ( with a Iced Lemon Tea $2, a bottle of Evian $1.80) : $40.20

Astons Specialities
Address : #05-08 Bugis +, 201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067
Tel : 6884 5397
Operating Hours : 11.30am – 10pm
Website :


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