Salt Grill & Sky Bar

It has been a while since I eaten here. The last time it was a event by some bank. Food at that time was just so-so. Could be the noisy crowd. Or I had too much expectation. After confirm our reservations with coniage at the fourth level, we are usher to the lift to the level 55.

Unique lift’s button. Lightings are brighter this time, to the last time.

What meets me when I step out of the lift.

A little uppity place

We are showed to a table by the window.

Oh the olive bottle, salt and pepper bottles all are of the chef’s brand, including the utensils.

Box for ladies to put their bags in.

We have a good view of Singapore but a bit glaring with sun shining in.

The restaurant week menu

Start with some bread and olive oil.

Crab omelette, pickled enoki salad, miso mustard broth
Very simple dish, with the soup poured in front of you. I only dislike the bitter tasting greens on top. Sweet crabmeat, fluffy omelette.

Chicken liver foie gras parfait, truffled butter, toasted brioche
Very cute to have the parfait served in a small jar. Simple and nice to have truffled buttered toast.

Herman, who is serving us, is very skillful in his trade. The way he clears our plates and sweeps the table clean with a simple metal tool.

Pan fried potato gnocchi, corn, asparagus, zucchini, parmesan
Nicely done but wishes there is more. Very colorful decorated.

Maori Lakes tenderloin, blue cheese pressed potato, spinach, red wine jus
My partner who is having this feels that the meat has done to her liking and she like it very much. I feel that there not much of a taste of blue cheese in the potato.

Salt Grill Dessert Tasting Plate
The greyish licorice ice cream with sago, looks weird and has a unique after taste. I have seen licorice ice cream before in Australia but in bright black color. The homemade mars bar I feel that not sweet and chocolate enough. Maybe too much oats inside. The creme brûlée is nice but I am disappointed to see the table besides our has their served with ice-cream, while mine is topped with chocolate pops. There seems to be a case of double standard.

Floating Island, Frangelico Anglaise
The orange and lemon meringue is very airy and light. Cannot seem to balance with the accompanied milky sauce.

Total damages : $94.16

Salt Grill & Sky Bar
Address : ION Orchard Level 55 & 56, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore
Tel : 6592 5118
Operating Hours : 11.30am – 2pm (lunch), 6pm – 10pm (dinner), 6pm – 11.30pm (bar)
Website :


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