Ah-Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice 阿仔海南鸡饭

Today I am being invited to a food tasting session at this stall at the famed Maxwell Market. The stall has a very well known short history. It has been operating for about a year. One of its owners Ah Tai used to work at Tian Tian ( one of the most famous Hainanese chicken rice stalls in Singapore, which is also located in Maxwell Market ). Due to some disagreement, Ah Tai decided to leave Tian Tian and open his own Hainanese chicken rice stall.

Crowded even on a Saturday afternoon, with a queue forming. Very good business for such a small stall.

Thank to OpenRice for this food tasting session.

Door gift from Open Rice.

Wow what a wide spread of food by Ah Tai. My mouth dripping.

The chicken flavoured rice is not too soft or too dry. The grains of rice are robust in consistency. The chili sauce here packed a punch and not overwhelmed by vinegar. From Ah Tai’s daughter, we learnt that various family members help out in the business, eg. the aunt is helping to make the chili sand garlic sauces everyday. Currently Ah Tai’s daughter is still studying in one of local universities and unable to help out in the business.

Oyster Sauce Vegetables
The baby bak choi is cooked just nice. In most places which offer this dish, I always felt that the vegetables is too uncooked with a too green taste. The sauce is nice, does not feel like the straight from bottle type ( commonly done by others ).

Bean Sprouts
Same as the oyster sauce vegetables, the bean sprouts is cooked just nice without been too raw in taste.

Liver & Gizzard

Chicken Feet
Crunchy but seems to be lacking of something. Maybe I always like chicken feet in Thai style. Don’t have the spicy taste. And the feet seem to be abit too dark in colour to me.

Whole chicken
The steamed chicken is deboned and chopped into huge chucks ( very different from the usual thin style found in most stalls ). Very tender, smooth and fleshy.

We finished off the meal with soya bean milk and bean curd, provided by OpenRice. Thank you, OpenRice.

Overall I feel that the chicken rice here is better than Tian Tian’s version. I have eaten at Tian Tian before, which I felt that at that time it was very dry.

Ah-Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice 阿仔海南鸡饭
Address : Stall No. : 7, Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur Street, Singapore 069184
Operating Hours : 10.30am – 7pm (Wed – Mon)
Tel : 8137 6559 ( Ah Tai ), 9697 5556 ( Ah Kwan )
FB : https://www.facebook.com/AhTaiChickenRice


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