Gelateria Italia

Bought a voucher online at for a tub of gelato at $7.50. Finally I remember to use it while walking about in Bugis. The outlet is just next to the customer service counter. You can have a good laugh at me. Cos I ask the customer service staff where is the outlet. She was giving me a look while pointing to me the place.

A small outlet, surrounding by a Japanese restaurant. I have a great trying out most of the flavours. Has a hard time deciding what to get.

Mmm so many flavours. But I finally decided on these 2 flavours : Whisky & Cookies, and the special of the day Salted Caramel. Yes I am attracted by the bottle of whisky. Don’t know will get a good nite sleep with this or not. The Salted Caramel tastes like caramel ice cream with a very faint salty after taste. As for Whisky & Cookies, it feels like an alcoholic one. Cannot taste the cookie dough although the staff told me there is cookie dough inside.

Served in a styrofoam box to keep cool, with a paper bag to carry. So classy just for a tub of gelato.

See how the 2 flavours of gelato fills the tub. Can’t wait to try.

Gelateria Italia
Address : 201 Victoria Street, #01-07 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
Website :

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