Thai Express

It has been a long time since I have Thai food.

Sa-Nook Thai Honey Chicken ($8.90)
Thai honey chicken with Thai Horm Mali Rice, Green Curry Chicken Ball, Fragrant Coconut Milk Sago with Thai Red Atap Seed

The honey chicken is abit too dry. I cannot taste chicken in the chicken balls, more like potato balls with curry powder inside. The milk sago is a warm dessert, just half-bowl filled.

Sa-nook Green Curry Fried Rice ($12.90)
Thai Green Curry Fried Rice, Pomelo Salad, Chiang Mai Vermicelli Soup, Steamed Sweet Potato with whipped Cream.

The pomelo in the salad tastes bitter, the soup is too peppery with some bits of diced corns and mushrooms. The sweet potato tastes like dried version, based on its texture.

Thai Chendol ($6.80)
Fragrant jackfruit slices, colorful strains of chendol and chewy flour bits in a sea of rich coconut milk and Traditional Thai palm sugar.

Tastes of a mixture of coconut milk and normal milk.

Total damages : $33.66

Thai Express

Address : 930 Yishun Avenue 2, #02-55/57 Northpoint Shopping Centre, Singapore 769098

Tel : 6555 9112

Operating Hours : 11.30am – 10.30pm

Website :


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