Manhattan Fish Market

Planning to eat at a Japanese restaurant but ended up here has lunch set promotion where else does not have. As it is a 2 set lunch for $19.90 promotion, we order 4 sets for 3 of us to share.

Soup of the day
Lots of minced garlic and thick.

Spicy Baked Fish ( usual : $15.95++)
Savor a baked dory fillet in extra spicy marination, complemented with garlic herb rice and veggies, guaranteed to jump start your senses.

Feeesh n’ Cheeese ( usual : $13.95 )
Enjoy your Manhattan Fish ‘n Chips with the marvelous cheesy chips.
I like the amount of cheese on the chips. But the fish and the chips are not crispy enough.

Spicy Seafood Olio ( usual : $15.95)
For that spicy kick in your spaghetti, enjoy succulent shrimps, juicy mussels and calamari served with fiery chili flakes.
Feel that it could be more spicy.

Savory Sea-esta ( usual : $15.95)
A rich seafood broth brimming with the goodness of scallops, mussels and fish fillet. Served with baguette to soak up the delicious broth.
Feel that the broth is too salty. Soaking it with the bread makes it easier to eat.

Total damages : $46.84

Manhattan Fish Market
Address : Northpoint Shopping Centre 930 Yishun Avenue 2 #02-06 to #02-07 Singapore 769098
Tel : 6257 5507
Operating Hours : 11am – 10pm
Website :
FB :


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