Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Attending a high school classmate’s wedding dinner, which is at the airport. Someone remarks why choose such a place. It has a lot of carpark lots which a lot of parents like.


Some peanuts at the standing tables, as well as, drinks (soft drinks & fruit punch) and small bites before the dinner.


The deco of the ballroom. Unique display of lighting for the ceiling.


Table gifts ( Giant pen, Table coaster )


Imperial Treasure Combination Platter

(Marinated Jellyfish/ Dough Fritter with Shrimp/ Deep Fried Sliver Fish/ Roasted Pork/ Baked Chicken Pie)

First time for me having chicken pie as appetizer. The deep fried sliver fish is very good that you cannot feel you are eating fish.

Braised Shark’s fin soup with Bamboo Pith and Crabmeat
Very salty soup.

Sautéed Prawns with Trio Bell Pepper & Cashew Nuts

Steamed Pomfret “Teochew” style
I never have a “teochew” style steamed fish done so salty. It is supposed to be one of the blandest style.

Braised Spinach with Abalone Mushroom

Roasted Crispy Duck
Meat abit dry, skin is not bad.

Fried Rice with Diced Seafood wrapped in Lotus Leaf
Abit disappointed as the Lotus Leaf is just for decoration. None of the lotus leaf smell on the rice.

Chilled Mango Purée with Pomelo, Sago and Beancurd
The Beancurd part is actually almond jelly. Weird combination but balance out the bitterness of the pomelo.

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
Address : 75 Airport Boulevard, #01-01 Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore 819 664
Tel : 6823 5300
Website :


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