Tai Hing

The first breakfast I am having outside since arriving at Hong Kong, just next building from Youth Square.

I am having a set of N3.


Set N3 : Ham macaroni

Very filling, the macaroni is well cooked, some may feel the soup is too salty.


with sausage and butter toast


with Milk Tea (Morning price : HK $ 28 )

The milk tea is too sour, seems to have soaked in tea bag for too long.

Some of the breakfast others order :


Iced Milk Tea

The glass of milk tea is served in a bowl of ice cubes to keep the tea cold and prevent water down the taste of tea.


Milk Coffee


Scrambled eggs Instant Noodle


Crispy bun with condensed milk and butter ( HK $18 )

Tastes sweet and salty.


Set G : Preserved cabbage and shredded pork rice vermicelli


with scrambled egg and butter toast. ( HK $ 28)


Set D : Spicy rice vermicelli with minced meat and pork roll sausage ( HK $ 28 )

Tai Hing

Address : Shop 115-116, 1/F., Hing Wah Shopping Centre, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Tel : 2976 9291

Operating Hours : 0630-2230

Website : http://www.taihingroast.com.hk/eng/index.php


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