Nancy’s Kitchen

Nearly missed it. It is surrounded by pubs around in Jonker Street. A small 2-story restaurant.

Very small place.

Walls decorated with photographs.

The menu

Spring Roll (Popiah) (RM 3)
Steam spring roll served with turnips, cucumber, fresh bean, coriander leaves, egg, garlic and many other vegetable.
Skin abit too thick. Filling is cold. The saving grace is the crispy pig’s skin bits. Super nice.

Fried Egg Cincalok ( Cincalok Telur) (RM 6 – small)
Omelette fried with fermented shrimp.
Very salty due to the fermented shrimp.

Steam Spicy Fish Paste ( Otak-Otak Stim) (RM 10)
Fish paste of fresh coconut with several kinds of spices.
Thick pieces of fish meat inside. Nice and spicy.

Chicken Candlenut ( Ayam Buah Keras) ( RM 10 – small )
Nancy’s signature dish that been passed down from generations. A waxy looking nut that is close to macadamia nut with taste and texture combine together with lemon grass, creating a refreshing lemony taste.
The sauce is very nice, reminding me of assam fish.

Meatballs with Fish Maw Soup ( Hee Piou Sup) ( RM 10 – small)
I am expecting a thick soup but it turns out to be a clear vegetable soup with meatballs. Texture of meatballs is nice.

Total damages = RM 42.55 ( + a bowl of rice)

If not enough there is still more at the back of the restaurant.

Bscuits and Kaya (RM 4.50/ cup) for sale.

Longish pineapple tarts.

Kuehs for sale too – Puff Otak (RM 3.50/ box), Mix Koo Berinti Kacang Hijau (Green Bean) ( RM 4.50/ packet).

Nancy’s Kitchen
Address : Jalan Hang Lekir ( Jonker Street), 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Tel : 06-283 6099
Operating hours : noon – 9.30pm


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