Tonite having dinner at northpoint.

It has been a while since I last visited this place. Didn’t know when the ice-cream pops out.

Place is more crowded than expected.

The Menu
Has grown from a page to a booklet.

Number tag
Given after order is taken and paid for at the cashier. Remember to collect iced water, forks, spoons & knives on the small table on way.

Seafood Zuppa ($8.90+$2.50 upsize)
Diced prawns & squid rings in light tomato soup base

One of my mom’s favorite cos not cheesy.

Sesame Coriander Chicken Pizza ($8.50/ 7″)
Marinated chicken topped with mozzarella cheese

The topping seems to have grown less.

An order of kids COMBO B ($8.90) as below :
1 kid-sized Pasta + 2pcs Garlic Bread + 1 Bottled Juice

Turkey Bacon Cheesy Crumble
Turkey bacon in homemade cheese sauce topped with Parmesan crumble
Like the crumble on top, goes very well with penne.

Part of kids COMBO B

A order of the Festive Meal ($17.90) :
1 side + 1 pasta + 1 drink

Cannelloni by Chef Teng Mi Kiom ( Bishan Junction 8 outlet) (usual : $10.90)
Cannelloni stuffed with potato, turkey bacon & chicken baked with creamy sauce & baked with mozzarella cheese.
Too cheesy that mom cannot take it. The pasta is very soft inside.

Honey Garlic Chicken (usual : $4.90)
Homemade chicken bites coated with in-house honey garlic sauce
Very interesting side. Small bite size and sweet.

Cookie & Cream Freeze (usual $5.70)
A blend of chocolate cookies & cream served with whipped cream
Thick & creamy.

Lastly for the dessert :

Gelato Banana Pizza ($6.80)

A sweet banana dessert pizza served with chocolate shavings and ice-cream.
Banana slices on top of the pizza base, topped with Sea Salt Malt ice-cream. The ice-cream is very milky.

Gelato Chocolate Italiano ($7.00)

Rich chocolate cake served with ice-cream, strawberry & roasted almond
Bacio ( chocolate hazelnut) ice-cream on top of brownie, very chocolaty.

Total damages : $60.20

Address : 930 Yishun Ave 2, #03-01/02 Northpoint Shopping Centre, Singapore 769098.
Tel : 67550843
Website :

Delivery Service : 6275 7555 (island wide)

FB :

Operating Hour : 11am – 10pm


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