Victoria Station

Big sign board by the road
A interesting looking restaurant near KLCC.

Red train outside the restaurant

A telephone booth just as I enters the place.

One could dine in a train inside the restaurant.

The counter

The menu

Bread for all

VS Escargots ( RM 15.90 )
Delicious French Garden snails delicacy, baked with mouth-watering VS Escargot Sauce. As good as French kissing. Okay, maybe a close 2nd.
Thick sauce, good to dip the bread with.

Fresh Chicken & Vegetable (RM8.90)
A clear soup of vegetables with diced chicken fillet, cooked till perfection
Tastes more like mushroom soup in Chinese style ( clear soup ).


Cajun Salmon & Grilled Chicken Fillet ( RM 33.90)
An irresistible combination of imported salmon and grilled chicken fillet, served with potato of the day and choicest farm-fresh vegetables.
The sauce that comes with it is too spicy for the combination.


Fish & Chips ( RM 21.90 )
An age old English dish that will never die. Premium fish fillet, seasoned, breaded & fried, served with traditional VS tartar sauce, chips & salad.
There is no tartar sauce when served. Has to ask for it. Somehow the sauce reminds me of a certain brand’s sandwich spread which could be found in supermarket.


Grilled Rainbow Trout ( RM 27.90 )
This fish is specially imported for fish connoisseurs because of it’s tasty flesh.
Be careful when eating cos there is a lot of bones.


Earl Grey Tea


Station Ampang

Address : 243, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel : 03-4257-3388 , 03-42514997

Website :


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